The Best Sunglasses If You Have A Round Face Shape

Where it comes to flattering clothing and accessories, many of us have considered our body types when picking clothes or maybe our face shapes when choosing haircuts or jewelry. But what about an accessory we don't often consider outside of either practicality or favorite brands: sunglasses? 


Sure, we want to make sure our sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun, but did you know the shape of the frames can go a long way to flatter your face? Depending on your face shape, certain types of sunglasses can help accentuate your best features and downplay anything you want to draw attention away from.

The first step is knowing what shape face you have. If you have full cheekbones with a narrow forehead and narrow jaw (via Oprah), it's likely you have a round face shape like leading ladies Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Bosworth (via Cosmopolitan). Read on to learn which sunglasses will best play up your beauty while protecting those peepers in the summer sunshine.

What types of sunglasses will flatter you

If you have a rounded face shape with wider, prominent cheekbones and more narrow jaw and forehead, you may want to steer clear of sunglasses that have round or circular frames or colored lenses, as both of these can accentuate and exaggerate the look of fullness (via Oprah). While there's nothing at all wrong with a fuller face, choosing a different style of frame and more uniform or darker lenses can help give more balance to your look. 


So instead of Harry Potter-shaped glasses or pink lenses, consider instead reaching for wide, rectangular-shaped frames. The width of the frames, especially when they appear a bit wider than your face, will slim the width of your face a bit, and the rectangular frames lend the look of more structure. Further, the darker lenses give the illusion that a larger portion of your face is being covered than if you had translucent colored lenses, which helps to shift the focus of the viewer.