Olivia Plath Breaks Silence With Heartbreaking Tribute To Late Brother Micah

The TLC reality show "Welcome to Plathville" debuted in 2019 and it focused on the lives of Barry and Kim Plath and their nine children, who lived a very sheltered life in rural Georgia. No good reality show is without its interpersonal conflict, and one of the ongoing plot points has been the drama between Ethan Plath's parents and his wife, Olivia Plath. Both Kim and Barry have voiced displeasure with Olivia over the years, and the conflict led to Olivia and Ethan going no-contact with his parents. The feud between Olivia and her in-laws, particularly Kim, has also caused issues within her marriage, including Olivia getting real about her at times rocky relationship with Ethan.

But while we've seen a lot of drama play out on the small screen with Olivia and her in-laws, she's now facing a very personal issue with the unexpected death of her younger brother, Micah Meggs. On May 4, Meggs was tragically hit by a car while he was riding an e-bike, per The Roanoke Times. He was 15. Olivia posted on her Instagram Stories after the news of his death broke that she was going to be "taking some space" away from social media for a bit to grieve in private, according to the Daily Mail. She's now returned to Instagram to pay a touching tribute to her little brother.

Olivia Plath taught her brother Micah a lot growing up

Olivia Plath posted a series of photos to Instagram of her little brother Micah Meggs, including one of her holding him as a kid. Olivia wrote about the love she has for her brother: "I've rewritten this a few times because somehow I have no words, even though inside of me is a vortex of every emotion possible. You'll always be in my heart, Micah Titus. You deserved so much, and I don't think you knew just how loved you are."

She also brought up the fact that she hadn't been able to spend time with Meggs in recent years, due to conflict between her non-religious life choices as an adult and her family's continued religious dedication. Not being able to see her younger brother seems all the more sad when Olivia goes on to talk about the role she played in his life as she was growing up, "Micah was my baby; I was 9 when he was born and I remember that day like yesterday. I potty trained him, taught him to read, carried him around on my hip and then piggyback style, and felt largely responsible for him." She ended her post with a reminder to people to remember to "hug your loved ones a little tighter today." Clearly, Meggs will be very much missed.