Olivia Plath Gets Real About Her Rocky Relationship With Ethan

Are Olivia and Ethan Plath okay? The "Welcome to Plathville" stars have had a lot of ups and downs since they got married, but it looks like they're committed to making things work — not that it has been easy. Olivia recently revealed in an Instagram Q&A that things are pretty rocky. "We are working through a lot right now," she said (via People). "But hopefully it will all make us wiser and stronger in the end."


In response to another comment from a fan who said they're "rooting" for the reality star, Olivia said, "That's so kind of you, thank you. I have a lot on my plate right now and sometimes it's emotionally overwhelming."

Olivia said last year that she has been dealing with a lot and that she is working through it in therapy, telling People that both she and Ethan are working "to heal and process" their restrictive upbringings.

Olivia Plath was treated unkindly by Ethan's family

A lot of the friction in Ethan and Olivia's marriage has been caused by Ethan's parents, Kim and Barry. "I have felt very negative about Kim," Olivia once admitted on the show (via People). "Because even when Ethan and I were dating, I was criticized for what kind of toothpaste I used, or what I ate, or what I wore, or what I did. I feel like I was constantly critiqued. Literally every time I get in my car to go over there, my stomach is in knots."


The latest season of "Welcome to Plathville" saw Ethan breaking away from his family. Olivia told People in December that Ethan's parents had not made any attempts to heal the rift since then. While this has no doubt been difficult for them, it will hopefully give the young couple some space to work on themselves and on their relationship.