A Romantic Scene From Hallmark's Ride Was Interrupted By A Behind-The-Scenes Blunder

"Ride" has been taking us for a loop every on Sunday evening television. It is the hot Hallmark series that stars actors from "Riverdale" and "Shameless." The show centers on the McMurrays, a family with deep ties to the rodeo business. And like any good television show, there is romance, drama, and secrets.


Tiera Skovbye plays Missy McMurray, a former rodeo queen and bull-riding expert. Gus Booker is brought to life by Tyler Jacob Moore. He is a charmer, and the oil industry has made him rich.

Spoiler alert — Missy and Gus find themselves on a date in Season 1, episode 7 of "Ride or Die." There is the romantic dinner, a nighttime stroll, and the behind-the-scenes wardrobe malfunction that made everyone grateful it was not a live taping. Fortunately, it was not the disaster level Janet Jackson had at the Super Bowl, but one Skovbye and Moore might never forget.

The flying wardrobe malfunction

Filming a romantic scene might make for the most awkward time to have a wardrobe malfunction. Tiera Skovbye knows all about it, as her dress suddenly gained a mind of its own. The Hallmark star told People Magazine, "We're sitting there doing the date scene and I inhaled, and I popped a button, and it flew across the table and hit Tyler in the face!" Now that's a first date you can't forget.


The missing button left a gap in Skovbye's dress, so they couldn't use that recorded take. However, it didn't take long for personnel to find the escapee fastener and restore Skovbye's garb.

The actress couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Although the flying button was not a part of the script, Skovbye says it is on brand for her. She shared, "That's exactly what would happen to Tiera on a date. That kind of thing would happen to me for sure. I was like, 'Well, this is so embarrassing.'" Her co-star, on the other hand, had a different reaction.

How her co-star reacted to the button attack

Despite having a button hit his face mid-scene, Tyler Jacob Moore kept his cool. Tiera Skovbye remembered, "He didn't flinch at all. He literally kept going like nothing happened. I was like, 'A button just hit you in the face!' I broke. I was laughing."


The actor who plays Gus told People Magazine, "I did not break character and just kept doing the scene, but the second we fully realized what had just happened, we both just lost it." Perhaps being a U.S. Army veteran explains why Moore was calm, cool, and collected during the mishap. However, he added, "The Army uniquely prepared me for a lot in my acting career, but it didn't prepare me for that!"

Luckily, Moore's face was not harmed in the making of this show. But what's really on our minds is whether there will be a second date. The romantic drama is keeping this as one of the best Hallmark original series. We'll just have to stay tuned to find out.