Simple Tips To Prevent Makeup Separation For Smoother Looking Skin

Wearing makeup sure is a fun way to express your creativity and enhance your looks. However, it can also be a hassle when your efforts don't turn out the way you wanted. There are times when your makeup looks great at home but then morphs into a patchy disaster after an hour on your face. Makeup separation is an annoying reality for so many of us, and even more so when we can't exactly pinpoint why it happens. You've tried different products and formulas and none seem to fix the glitches.


Makeup separation happens when the products on your face turn out to look mottled instead of homogeneous. Sometimes, no matter how much you blend your makeup in, it ends up separating. On the bright side, this isn't a curse bestowed upon you by some chain mail you didn't forward 10 years ago. Makeup separation is fixable once you know why it's happening and the tips and tricks to control it.

Your makeup can appear blotchy because of an oily face or too much foundation

Makeup separation happens to the best of us and never fails to get on our last nerve. There are several factors responsible for it and knowing them will help you to manage it and prevent it from happening. Makeup artist Sabena Collier explained to Byrdie why your makeup can appear patchy and blotchy.


One of the major reasons why is because of the nature of your skin. Your skin type can be dry, oily, or a combination of both, known as combination skin. If you have oily or combination skin, this could be the reason why your makeup separates.

Another factor could be that you wear too much foundation. Foundation is supposed to lie on the skin evenly without being noticeable. You can tell if you're wearing too much foundation if it turns out uneven and tends to shift or become patchy over time. Makeup application is a step-by-step process and you need to know what goes before what. If you put on liquid product over powdered product, that is a recipe for disaster. It won't blend well and will look choppy. You should also remember to ready your skin for makeup. You can't build a house without a solid foundation. Your skin needs to be glossed over to achieve that smooth finish you're looking for.


Now we know what causes blotchy makeup ... so how do we fix it?

Once you've identified the reason or reasons why your makeup ends up blotchy and separated as the day goes on, fixing it becomes that much more doable. If your problem is oily or combination skin, then Sabena Collier recommends using products that cleanse your skin properly, get rid of the oil, and provide enough moisture. Steer clear of oily, heavy moisturizers and foundations.


Reduce the amount of foundation you use to the barest minimum. You should also use a foundation that suits your skin type. Do you have oily skin? Try using an oil-free foundation like the Maybelline Fit Me matte foundation. Collier also warns against using products with different formula bases that just don't mix like oil and water-based ones.

Prep your skin for makeup for an even base and smoother finish. Exfoliating your skin regularly will allow your makeup to have the perfect starting point and reduce the appearance of uneven skin texture. Face primer is also perfect for providing a solid base. Your makeup will be less likely to separate once your skin structure is on point.