Here's How To Tell If You're Wearing Too Much Foundation

At one point, all of us have committed some tragic mistakes with our makeup. Whether it happened in your middle school years or just yesterday, everyone has made a mistake. Some of the biggest being not blending down the neck or making your eyebrows blocky. No judgment here, there's no age where you stop making makeup mistakes. 

However, one of the most common makeup mistakes that nearly everyone has done at some point has to do with foundation application. Now some people need a bit more than others for their blemishes or they just prefer a more full-coverage foundation. However, for those that just want to pop on some foundation for the daily activities, there's a wrong way to do it. That wrong way is by applying way too much of it. Luckily, there are a few ways to detect this easy-to-fix error — ranging from the selfie test, all the way to the hug test.

An easy way to check for too much foundation is to take a selfie on flash

The first thing to try is to take a picture of yourself with the flash on. Terrifying, we know, but it has to be done. If there's too much foundation on your face, your face will look a few shades lighter than the rest of your body (via TheTalko). The next thing to check for is to ask yourself, "Does your skin look cakey?" And by that, does your makeup look separated, fuzzy, and blotchy? Well, it may mean that there's too much product on your face. A quick fix is to get a hydrating face mist to help make sure the cake effect doesn't dry like that on your face (via The Beautiful Lifestyle).

The last indicator of wearing too much foundation is the hug test. Have you ever hugged someone with a white T-shirt and instantly regretted it because your face is now on their shirt? You're not alone, but that's definitely a sign of too much foundation. The last quick fix is to use blotting papers instead of a setting powder on your skin, this will definitely help the potential cake-face. Above all else, unless you absolutely need full coverage, focus on common problem areas. Show some foundation and a little more love to the T-zone, around the nose, and under the eyes (via Cosmopolitan).