The Viral Circle Blush Hack Updates A Bold 80s Makeup Trend

While the makeup trends of recent years have been all about Insta baddie glam and contoured perfection, the 80s conjures up images of bold, wild, and colorful makeup, with electric blue eyeshadow and, above all else, bright pink blush that sticks out. But how did they do it? And is it finally time for 80s-style blush to make a comeback?

TikTokers have taken this oldie but goodie and given it a much-needed modern twist. By using blush on your cheeks, temples, and eyelids, you can kill three birds with one stone, and look good while you're at it. Learning this viral hack will help you use blush to lift your cheekbones, and will give your face a quick pop of color before you have a chance to say "draping."

Before you write this off as just another money-grubbing trend, don't worry — this trend actually demands very little of your wallet. By using blush as the focal point for your makeup look, it requires you to buy less.

What is it?

Let's face it: a full face of makeup is nearly impossible to achieve when you're a woman on the go. If you're super busy and can't seem to find time to do your makeup, but don't want to go entirely without, circular blush can give your face some rosiness, without you having to break out all the liners and brushes.

So, what's the secret to achieving this look? Well, it's pretty simple. Dip your brush into your blush powder (or, if you use liquid blush, put some on your hand and dip the brush into it). Then, swirl it over your cheekbones, eyelids, and temples in an outward circular motion. And voila! You've got it.

The women in the 80s would dive headfirst into the bright colors, using them to their full advantage with the circle blush, or "draping," technique. There's a way to do this without looking like you stepped straight out of a 1985 fashion magazine, however. Makeup artist Lynsey Alexander tells Allure that "The minute you cake the face in foundation, it's going to look retro." So, make sure to keep other makeup to a minimum. Still, that doesn't mean you should forego other makeup altogether.

How to style it

Since the goal with this look is to make your rosy cheeks (and temples, and eyelids) stand out, subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to doing your eyes and/or lips. That's right: keep your tube of red matte lipstick stowed away in your makeup bag for another day. We promise you won't miss it. A sheer lip gloss with a pink tint that matches your blush, on the other hand, will do nicely. A lip tint, the perfect alternative to lipstick, can also give you that rosy look.

As for eyeshadow, skip it. You'll already have some blush on your eyelids; unless you're a shadow blending extraordinaire, wearing eyeshadow with circular blush might be overkill. That doesn't mean you should skip out on eye makeup entirely, though. Some soft eyeliner and mascara will give your eyes definition.

If you usually struggle with getting that snatched winged liner, don't fret. We've got a soft, subtle, and insanely easy trick that'll work perfectly with circular blush. Just draw a dot of your favorite liner — we recommend a shade of brown – onto your finger, place it at the corner of your eyes, and flick upward. Since you're not drawing it directly onto your face, the result is a lot softer than it would've been otherwise.