Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Wedding Dress Inspo From Princess Diana Was Clear All Along

"Veep" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late Princess Diana have certainly appeared together on plenty of lists celebrating the most inspirational women in history. Yet, even though these two stars seem like they come from entirely different worlds, they actually have more in common than their huge influence alone. Like Diana, Louis-Dreyfus' two sons are all grown up — and the pair of amazing women also had something very special in common on their wedding days.

Unlike Princess Diana, Louis-Dreyfus leads a fairly private personal life, and as a result, many fans don't know much about the actor's family life. Consequently, some folks may not be aware that Louis-Dreyfus has been married for 35 years, and she gives her husband all the credit for their successful marriage. Yet, a photo of Louis-Dreyfus on her wedding day shows that maybe this happy couple also has the peoples' princess to thank for their happy partnership, which has outlasted most Hollywood marriages.

Princess Diana inspired Julia Louis-Dreyfus's lucky charm wedding dress

On May 22, Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared on "Live With Kelly and Mark," and the group got to talking about the "Seinfeld" star's happy marriage. Kelly Ripa commented, "You and your husband have been married for 35 years." She then showed a photo of Louis-Dreyfus and husband Brad Hall on their wedding day back in 1987. Upon seeing the photo, Louis-Dreyfus laughed and said, "Yes, look at that wedding dress. You'll see I fashioned my dress after Princess Diana."

While it's clear that the seven-time Emmy award-winner was poking a bit of fun at her vintage dress, it's safe to say that plenty of people found Princess Diana's famous wedding dress to be their own wedding day outfit inspo.

In the early '80s, Louis-Dreyfus met her future husband at an audition for his own theater production. During an appearance on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" in April 2013, Louis-Dreyfus described how she felt when she met "the one," saying, "I would say that I knew almost immediately. It's really the truth." So, while it seems like this marriage was built to last for 35 years and far beyond, we think her fashion inspiration for the big day definitely didn't hurt.