Royal Couples Who Are Astrologically Incompatible

When it comes to the royal family, everybody wants to be in the know. Historians and royal watchers have turned over every stone to try and learn more about their private lives. Meanwhile, fans gobble up all the details — from their dinner party protocols to their footwear preferences — because even the mundane parts of royal life still shimmer with fascinating opulence. It's no surprise, then, that astrology is also used as a tool for observing the monarchy. It may seem strange to think about royal fates in terms of the stars and planets, but the zodiac can offer quite a bit of insight into their lives and relationships.

Astrologers use a unique snapshot of the cosmos during the moment that a person was born — known as a natal chart — to determine an individual's personality traits and destiny. For centuries, astrologers have looked at the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and other key aspects of natal charts to determine romantic compatibility between partners. That said, you might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite royal pairings have painfully incompatible star signs.

According to Suzannah Weiss, a psychic medium and resident sexologist at Biird, zodiac incompatibility doesn't necessarily mean doom and gloom for every couple. "There are no two astrological signs that absolutely cannot make a relationship work," Weiss told The List. "Lots of other factors, such as both people's upbringing and other aspects of their personalities, will influence the relationship." 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

As depicted in "The Crown," Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip experienced plenty of romantic strife. After all, it can't be easy to focus on your marriage when you've got an entire country to run. Despite copious speculation around their possible marital struggles (not to mention rumors of Philip's infidelity), the monarchs always presented an ironclad marriage. Even after their deaths, the innermost details of their relationship remain a mystery. 

Based on their natal charts, this regal partnership had some challenges. Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, under the sensible, hardworking sign of Taurus. These earthy beings are often described as homebodies — a total contrast to Philip's zodiac sign, Gemini. According to Texas-based astrologer and author Solaris the Hii Priestess, "Queen Elizabeth's Taurus sun may have made her more practical and grounded, while Prince Philip's Gemini sun may have made him more communicative and intellectually curious."

Both regals shared the same moon sign — fiery, commanding Leo — which may have added to their relationship woes. "Both of their Leo moons could have led to a strong desire for power, recognition, and control, which may result in conflicting emotions and opinions that could lead to disagreements," Solaris told us. Despite their astrological differences, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip certainly found a way to make it work — the monarchs were married for an astonishing 73 years.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

From their polarizing nuptials to their dramatic fallout with the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren't strangers to controversy. Nevertheless, the monarchy's most notorious couple stands tall in the face of public scrutiny. Despite their seemingly airtight union, some critics still believe that their relationship is doomed to fail. But what do the stars have to say?

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984, making him a Virgo. An earth sign, Virgo is grounded, practical, and reserved. On the other hand, Markle is a fiery Leo who covets power and is comfortable being in the limelight. Fierce Leo and orderly Virgo could find themselves at odds over their clashing values. "There is huge potential for contrast and conflict here, should they ever find themselves wanting different things or fighting opposing battles," Kerry Ward, an astrologer and spirituality expert at Tarottoo, told The List.

While their sun signs are a potential source of discord, a closer look at their natal charts reveals that their moon signs help balance out their differences. Markle's lovely Libra moon complements Harry's loyal Taurus moon. "These signs share the same planet — Venus — the planet of romance, pleasure, and indulgence," explained Ward. "They are deeply attracted, know how to please each other, and enjoy playing these roles. Their shared perception and experience of ideal romance, and ability to deliver it to each other, is what binds them together."

Prince Edward and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh

Prince Edward married his sweetheart, Sophie Rhys-Jones, in 1999. Over the years, the couple has earned plenty of admiration from royal watchers. Fans praise their ability to move seamlessly between their royal duties and their secure family life. During their engagement interview in 1998, the couple revealed the secret behind their hardy romance. "I think we share a number of interests, we laugh a lot and we have a great friendship," Sophie remarked (via Express).

Despite their commonalities, Edward, a Pisces, and Sophie, an Aquarius, might have trouble relating to each other based on their zodiac signs. People born under the water sign Pisces tend to be intuitive and romantic. Meanwhile, Aquarians are known for their rebellious, free-spirited ways. When these signs unite, emotional Pisces might have difficulty accepting Aquarius' independent nature. At worst, Pisces could see their Aquarius partner as aloof and emotionally detached.

Fortunately for this royal couple, other aspects of their natal charts bring them together — including Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Edward's Venus in Taurus and Sophie's Venus in Capricorn provide a haven of comfort and stability. "Based on their placements, Edward and Sophie could have a balanced relationship due to their mutual ability to empathize and appreciate the intellectual aspects of their personalities," Solaris the Hii Priestess told us.

Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank

The love story of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank began way back in 2010. Brooksbank told BBC that it was "love at first sight" when they met. Since then, we've witnessed their romance culminate in an extravagant 2018 wedding, followed by the 2021 birth of their first child, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. Despite her cozy home life, there's also an adventurous and spontaneous side to Princess Eugenie thanks to her zodiac sign, Aries. This bold, energetic fire sign is always looking for the next source of excitement. Eugenie's Aries persona is vastly different from that of Brooksbank, who was born under the pragmatic earth sign of Taurus.

According to astrologer Babs Cheung, an Aries-Taurus union can be challenging due to their conflicting personality traits. However, there's also potential for these differences to create a sense of comfort and balance. "Having a stable rock — who might be a bit of a homebody — might be a good thing for the busy princess as he will be the person she can find peace and rest with," Cheung told us. Despite their night-and-day personalities, these royal lovebirds are united by their Mercury signs. In the zodiac, Mercury represents communication. "Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have the same Mercury in Aries, which is a great sign of communication ease and being on the same page," Cheung explained. "Overall, this is a royal match that should stand the test of time."

Albert II and Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Scrutiny is nothing new to Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Charlene, Princess of Monaco. In fact, their relationship has been under fire since the beginning. Prior to their 2011 wedding, Charlene allegedly tried to escape Monaco three times. Rumors swirled again in 2021, when Charlene took an impromptu six-month getaway to her home country of South Africa. Add in the fact that Albert was dubbed the "playboy prince" during his bachelor days, and it's no wonder that these two have been dodging breakup rumors for well over a decade. 

According to astrology and tarot expert Inbaal Honigman, this relationship is astrologically challenging. Albert, a Pisces with a Gemini ascendant, is a natural-born extrovert. However, Charlene is an introverted combination of an Aquarius sun with a Taurus ascendant. This pairing might lead to challenges with communication and conflict management. 

To make matters worse, this royal flame could go frigid due to their lackluster Venus connection. "Both parties have their Venus in humanitarian sign Aquarius, and this isn't good news," Honigman explained. "It's not a very romantic sign. If one person in a relationship isn't very romantic, it's not the end of the world, the other one can be romantic enough for the pair. But when both parties have their Venus in Aquarius which is not very romantic, that means that nobody will get a romantic vibe going — and that can kill a relationship."

Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence

From the outset, Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence were seemingly bound by destiny. The pair first crossed paths in 1986 during Anne's marriage to her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. Anne and Laurence quickly struck up an affair. In 1989, the illicit romance was leaked to the public by way of private love letters that were stolen from Anne's home. After the affair went public, Anne ended her unhappy marriage to Phillips. She married Laurence in 1992.

Despite their whirlwind, love-at-first-sight union, Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence aren't a perfect astrological match. Anne was born on August 15, 1950, meaning that she has the fiery, grandiose personality of a Leo. Laurence is a Pisces, which likely makes him more placid and emotional than Anne. When it comes to authoritative Leo and sensitive Pisces, misunderstandings tend to run wild. "This can lead to soap opera-level drama, something both signs hate but are prone to," astrologer Theresa Reed explained to Bustle.

Regardless of their differences, Kerry Ward tells us that Anne's Venus in Cancer and Laurence's Venus in Capricorn are a match made in heaven. "They share a deep compatibility in romance, passion, love, and loyalty," Ward explained. "They enjoy being together, know how to please each other, and are both home and family-focused people who work to serve their relationship vs themselves. This relationship is the most important thing, the bedrock, in both of their lives."

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

In 1936, King Edward VIII famously renounced the British throne in order to marry a twice-divorced American woman named Wallis Simpson. The historic decision sent shockwaves throughout the Empire — but, bound by the rules of government and the Church of England, abdication was the only way for Edward to make things official with his beloved. As romances go, Edward and Simpson truly had an us-against-the-world vibe. Nonetheless, the pair remained happily married until Edward's death in 1972. Biographer Anna Pasternak told People that this royal union was, "a genuine love story right to the very end." Despite their everlasting ardor, Edward and Simpson did have some astrological challenges to face.

Edward was born under the watery sign of Cancer. This emotional sign tends to experience the world through deep emotions — a sharp contrast to Simpson's zodiac sign, Gemini. When it comes to emotional matters, Gemini prefers to keep things surface-level. "This could have caused misunderstandings and difficulties in expressing their thoughts and feelings effectively," Solaris the Hii Priestess told us.

Solaris added that this astrologically mismatched duo might also have faced power struggles. "Overall, their compatibility faced significant hurdles due to their differing communication styles and contrasting needs in a partnership," Solaris explained. "Overcoming these challenges would have required compromise, understanding, and the ability to bridge the gap between their contrasting needs and values."

Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Prince Rainier III of Monaco met Grace Kelly in 1955, and a romance quickly blossomed between the suave royal and the American movie star. One year later, they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. For her part, the newly-minted princess retired from acting and dedicated herself to her royal duties. Rainier was equally devoted to their marriage. Following Kelly's tragic death in 1982, the prince never remarried. Although these royals were an enduring pair, they may have experienced some astrological strife. 

Kelly, a Scorpio, and Rainier, a Gemini, may have had difficulty relating to each other. Scorpio thrives on deep emotional connection, whereas Gemini is a social butterfly who prefers to keep things light-hearted. According to Travis Cox, founder of the astrology website Starwatchr, the royals might also have struggled with communication. "Grace Kelly's Mercury was in Scorpio, which indicates a deep, intuitive, and secretive communication style," Cox told The List. "Prince Rainier's Mercury was in Gemini, signifying a more versatile and talkative approach to communication. The difference in their communication styles could have led to misunderstandings and a lack of emotional connection."

Despite their astrological differences, the mismatched pair clearly found a way to make it work. "Patience, understanding, and open communication helped them build a successful marriage, overcoming astrological challenges," Cox explained.

King Charles III and Princess Diana

King Charles III and Princess Diana are quite possibly the most infamous royal exes of all time. Their romance was tirelessly documented, from their televised wedding, which drew 750 million viewers, to their inevitable divorce in 1996. There's a lot to unpack when it comes to this ill-fated royal relationship. 

For starters, there was Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. But even more telling was the fact that Diana didn't try to hide her unhappiness in the marriage. According to Inbaal Honigman, the couple's initial connection may have faded quickly due to long-term incompatibilities. "Charles and Diana were a complicated couple, with some compatibility on the surface, but oceans of conflict underneath," Honigman told The List. "Him, a Scorpio, and her, a Cancer, are both water signs. Emotionally sensitive and romantic, their early days as a couple may well have been happy. But several astrological incompatibilities pulled them apart."

Scorpio has a reputation for being secretive, a trait that would have been unbearable for emotionally sensitive Cancer. Diana's moon was in altruistic Aquarius, which would likely have clashed with Charles' self-righteous Leo ascendant. Ultimately, the disharmonious pair would have struggled to find common ground. "Those two elements would suggest that Diana understood the sacrifices of marriage, and although some moments were personally hard for her, she was willing to work through them, whereas Charles was not willing to show flexibility," Honigman explained.

Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend

History is full of star-crossed lovers, but few are more eminent than Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. Their romance, which began in 1952, faced political backlash due to Townsend's previous divorce. Margaret ultimately caved to the pressure and ended their relationship, announcing, "conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have resolved to put these considerations before any others" (via BBC).

From an astrological perspective, her decision made sense. Born under the regal sign of Leo, Margaret's devotion to the monarchy was innate. Leo is a natural-born leader that values loyalty above everything else. Likewise, the attraction between Margaret and Townsend, a Scorpio, was inevitable. Magnetic Leo is instinctively drawn to Scorpio's intensity. However, due to their self-reliant ways, major power struggles can ensue. "Watery Scorpio can put out Leo's fire, and Leo's fire can make Scorpio boil. These two signs are in incompatible elements making it difficult for them to relate," astrologer Amy Tripp explained to Bustle.

The former couple moved on and married other people, but it always seemed like destiny might bring them back together someday. Many fans are still convinced that Townsend was Margaret's one true love. While the stars never aligned for them to be together, it is said that their breakup left Margaret with a "deep sadness" that lingered for the rest of her life.