Are Chelsea And Kwame Still Together After Love Is Blind Season 4?

In a world where single people have become accustomed to swiping through thirst traps and quick, five-minute blurbs to meet the one, Netflix has decided to see if love can really be blind. "Love is Blind" takes 15 women and 15 men, placing them in "pods" to talk to one another without ever seeing the person — which isn't even the weirdest rule "Love is Blind" contestants are forced to follow. After venturing to Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, season four held its experiment in Seattle.

After a season filled with mean girls, cheating rumors, and incompatible couples, some fans wondered which couples would make it after 13 episodes rife with drama. One couple in particular, however, had the internet aflame. Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin met in the pods and instantly hit it off. Yet, while Chelsea focused her affections solely on Kwame, he was torn between her and Micah Lussier.

Even after Micah broke off her relationship with Kwame in pursuit of another, the drama didn't stop there. When Kwame and Chelsea were off on their joint honeymoon with the other couples, Kwame and Micah had a few flirtatious moments, a move that fans saw as disrespectful. Despite the bumps along the road, Chelsea and Kwame decided to say "I do." However, "Love is Blind" has seen several couples split after the altar. Are these lovebirds still going strong?

Are Kwame and Chelsea still married?

Like two other couples from their season, Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin are still enjoying marital bliss. At the show's reunion back in April, the pair announced that they were still together. They celebrated their anniversary in early May, marking the occasion with a road trip. In an Instagram post, Kwame states that he and Chelsea spent some time at Disneyland and headed to Laguna Beach afterward.

Outside of their adventures, the Appiahs have made great strides within their relationship. One of the hot-button issues during season four was Kwame's hesitance in moving to Seattle. He had lived in Portland and was torn about leaving his apartment, friends, and... favorite running trail. The reunion proved that Kwame made peace with moving to Seattle, with Chelsea making a tongue-in-cheek post about how Kwame loves the Emerald City now.

Aside from their qualms about where to reside and how much pink is allowed in their new apartment, the most glaring issue was Kwame's mother's refusal to meet Chelsea. Although his mother was initially against her son's nuptials to Chelsea, the two met during their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. In an interview with People, Griffin called the meeting a "beautiful first experience."

Which couples are together from season four?

Aside from Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin, two other couples from the fourth season of the Netflix hit are still happily married. While Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell are still going strong, Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi are also enjoying marriage. During the season, Brett and Tiffany seemingly had no troubles along the way, aside from the wardrobe fiasco that the former endured on their wedding day. However, there were certainly some hurdles to cross for Zack and Bliss.

Originally engaged to Irina, the two mutually parted during their honeymoon in Mexico. In an interview with Today, Irina claims the breakup occurred because the relationship simply wasn't working out. "I feel like me and Zack weren't meant to be," she explains. "It wasn't anything about his looks or anything like that. It was more of a gut feeling that he wasn't the person for me."

Fresh from the breakup with Irina, Zack returned to Bliss, the other woman he connected with back in the pods. Although Bliss was deemed a second choice by fans and her father, she followed her heart. Speaking to USAToday, she calls their love story a "second chance" as opposed to a second choice. With three couples still together, viewers are excited to see what awaits them in season five. The streaming giant announced that season five of the show will be released in September 2023. Whatever drama arises, we'll certainly be there to watch it all unfold.