Can You Really Exercise Your Way To A Better Nose?

As the central feature of the face, the nose gets a lot of heat for being too long, too bumpy, too short, too big, or too small. If you are insecure about your nose type, you're not alone. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get nose jobs in America alone, making rhinoplasties one of the most prolific cosmetic surgeries performed. Surgical nose reshaping is a relatively safe procedure, but nobody wants to risk a botched nose job. Also, nose jobs cost a lot of money! If you're apprehensive about going under the knife to alter your nose, there's a useful alternative you can try that won't involve scalpels or tears.

Exercise is a great way to sculpt your body, tone up, and stay healthy and active. It doesn't cost a thing to take a walk or a jog (unless you buy a gym membership), and you always end up feeling refreshed after a good workout. However, there is talk that there are exercise routines you can do to change the shape of your nose by straightening it out. While a non-surgical approach to nose reshaping would be a game changer, it sounds too good to be true. Are there really exercises that can fix nose flaws?

Your nose has muscles that may be worked on with exercise

If you're looking to improve the shape of your nose without having to resort to getting a rhinoplasty, then you're in luck. There are experts who swear by exercises that improve the overall look and shape of your nose. While the nose is made of bone and cartilage, it also has muscles in certain places. These muscles, when worked on, may alter the way your nose looks.

Juliette Kando, author of "Natural Facelift," said via Livestrong that while the top of the nose is made of immovable bone, the nostrils are muscly and can be worked on. According to her, you can make your nostrils more symmetrical by "placing your index fingers down either side of your nose and flaring your nostrils." Your fingers will provide some resistance which in turn will help build those muscles as you perform more sets of this exercise.

This exercise aims to shorten the look of your nose naturally

Maybe your nostrils are symmetrical enough and you just want a shorter nose. Before you go booking a nose job consultation, you can try out this technique from the creator of Facercise, Carole Maggio. Per Livestrong, this method could fix crooked noses and give your nose the lift and perkiness that it needs.

First, push up the tip of your nose with your finger and "[c]ontract the muscle by flexing your nose down against the resistance created by your finger." Maggio recommends doing this exercise 35 times twice daily to achieve your nose-shortening goals.

If you can't afford to get nose surgery or you just don't like the idea of it, you can opt for these non-intrusive techniques to refine the look of your schnozzle. While there is no scientific evidence to back the efficacy of these techniques, it certainly wouldn't hurt to try them out. Exercising your nose might not give you Beverly Hills-nose-job results, but working out your muscles could provide the rigid support it needs to look its best.