How Much Does A Nose Job Really Cost?

Plastic surgery has come a long way since its early days. This form of surgery was developed in the U.S. by Dr. John Peter Mettauer in the early 1800s to fix cleft palates (via American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Initially, plastic surgery was mainly used as a corrective means for those with deformities and scarring injuries. In the decades and centuries that followed, these surgical techniques began to move in the direction of aesthetic enhancement, allowing people to make major changes to their faces and bodies. In modernity, plastic surgery clients can change almost anything about their bodies. For example, since the first nose job was carried out in 1887 by Dr. John Orlando Roe, the procedure has been a popular choice for those who go under the knife (via Dazed Digital).

Nose jobs have certainly come a long way since their introduction to the market nearly one-and-a-half centuries ago, but the procedure still comes with challenges for the patient, potentially including unexpected side effects. Healing completely from the procedure can take up to a full year, and the first few weeks can be especially painful and exhausting, as noted by Refinery29. However, if a nose job is something that you've been considering for a long time, it can be a great experience with the right surgeon. Making sure you have a reputable surgeon with ample experience can make the process much easier, but it does come with a price tag.

So, what does a nose job actually cost?

Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale have gotten new noses by going under the knife with excellent results, making this procedure all the more enticing. While the price range of a brand-new nose can vary, it's important to know that you're paying for a high quality service from your surgeon. The cost of a nose job includes a few different things, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, such as anesthesia costs, the time you spend at the hospital, testing, post-surgery supplies, and, of course, your doctor's surgical fee. Unless you have a medical reason for getting a nose job, it's unlikely that your medical insurance will cover the procedure, meaning that these costs will come out of pocket.

On average, a quality nose job will cost you somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000, but, according to Synergy Plastic Surgery, the price range generally falls between $4,000 and $8,000. The price can depend on your location, as well as the doctor you choose. Whether or not it's worth it is based on your personal desires, but, as noted by Refinery29, it's worth every penny if your nose has been a point of contention with your self-esteem.