Ingrid Bergman's Grandchildren Have Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Ingrid Bergman left behind a tremendous legacy. She was celebrated as an onscreen siren, with much of her work being critically acclaimed. She was also the mother of four children, the most well-known of whom is actress and model Isabella Rossellini.

The daughter of Bergman and Italian film director Roberto Rossellini, Isabella possessed such great genetics that it was only a matter of time before she would also become a star in her own right. And now, as a mother to two children, Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann and Roberto Rossellini Jr., it's time for the attention to shift to the new generation. Roberto and Elettra are gorgeous — and we're guessing their cousins by Isabella's siblings are as well — and have joined the family business, pursuing careers in modeling. This may not be their only passion, and their focuses shift, but they can always rely on their mother for support and guidance.

"Apart from pushing me to never give up no matter what, my mom has truly inspired me to develop my personal style," Roberto Rossellini Jr. told Oliver Peoples. But what is it like to be the child of a celebrity? His sister, Elettra Wiedemann, shared her thoughts with Elle Canada, saying, "I understand the myth of celebrity, but I had a backdoor view of it as a child, so I see through the veil." Let's discuss how the Rossellinis have grown up and what we know.

Elettra Wiedemann embraced a simpler life

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann is the daughter of Isabella Rossellini and Jonathan Wiedemann (making her maternal grandmother the brilliant Ingrid Bergman, who still inspires baby names). Wiedemann enjoyed a privileged and glamorous life growing up but has since traded Manhattan for a much quieter pace and simpler life.

She found herself at the Mama Farm located on Long Island (which is also where Isabella Rossellini lives) and has embraced her new way of living. Here, she can breathe in the fresh air, tend to crops, and not worry about her clothing getting dirty. "I'm basically covered in dirt all the time," she told Goop in an interview.

Elettra also spoke about her style evolution, noting how she favored more practical pieces. "Between the farm and chasing my soon-to-be three-year-old through puddles, my natural style is very pragmatic," she said. "I gravitate toward simple, comfortable things and a pair of solid boots that are easy to wear while still trying to look pulled together ..."

Like her mother, Elettra Wiedemann also worked with Lancome

Some may say Isabella Rossellini was always destined for a life of fame, and she certainly attained it. One of her more memorable projects was her work with Lancôme. She stayed with the brand for 14 years before they fired her when she hit her forties. The news shocked many. Even more surprising? Isabella's decision to work with them again years later.

Her daughter, Elettra Wiedemann, has also modeled for the brand, signing with them in 2006. "Due to her cosmopolitan background, Elettra is a young woman of her time who lives in New York, regularly travels to Paris, which she loves, and always remains in touch with the world around her," general managed of Lancôme International, Odile Roujol told Vogue in a statement.

"I thought it was a joke when my agent called me," Wiedemann said to Elle Canada in 2010. "It's one of those times when you say, 'I just have to do it!'" But how did her mother feel about her daughter accepting the job? "My mother was so delighted I'd been approached by Lancôme that she cried — she was so happy for me to have the opportunity," she told Daily Mail.

Elettra Wiedemann no longer views herself as a model

Did Elettra Wiedemann always have an interest in being a model? It seemed like a natural career choice, given her mother's success, and she remained in the industry for many years, but she told Elle Canada she was "flabbergasted" by her success. It all started with an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign in 2003 (she was just 18 then), shot by photographer Bruce Weber.

However, things changed, and Wiedemann shifted her focus to other aspects of her life and pursued new passions (but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy getting dressed up in designer clothing occasionally). "I don't consider myself a model anymore, so when the phone rings and it's Weekend Max Mara on the line, I'm very happy — but that's not something that's happening a lot in my life," she told Daily Mail in 2020. "I've made space for new things."

She has a child with actor Caleb Lane

Elettra Wiedemann was married to James Marshall, but when the couple divorced in 2015, reports circulated that she'd found love with a new man, actor Caleb Lane. Their romance made headlines, and an insider told New York Daily News how they met.

"They knew each other years ago and recently reconnected when she was splitting from James," they said. "Now Caleb moved from Los Angeles and is living with her in Brooklyn. The romance developed quickly, and they've been quite serious from the start." In 2018, the model gave birth to their first son, Ronin, and in 2021, she made headlines again after the birth of their second child, another son, Viggo River Lane.

How has motherhood changed Elettra Wiedemann, and does she view life differently now that she's a mom? A word to describe her could be "adaptable." The former model has tried many things; her current focus is farming. Still, leaving the life she knew was not as easy as it seems. "I had to change my entire life, leave my friends, my career behind, and learn how to build a new identity as a mother," she told Cuyana.

Elettra Wiedemann left her fashion career for something more fulfilling

During her time as a successful model, Elettra Wiedemann counted on her mother, Isabella Rossellini, as a great source of inspiration and advice. This included reminding her to focus on what's truly important. "My mother always told me that modeling and Hollywood are like the rabbits at the greyhound track," Wiedemann told Elle Canada. "No matter how fast you run or how hard you train, the rabbit is always going to go faster than the dogs. You need to figure out a speed you're comfortable with and let go of the rabbit ..."

So, after a steady run in the industry, Wiedemann realized when she needed a change. These days, she does not see herself as a model (and as mentioned, she escaped to Mama Farm to enjoy a simpler life).

"Mama Farm presented me with an opportunity to take my life experiences and weave them together in a way that's meaningful to me," Wiedemann told Goop. "And my responsibilities in helping develop the farm and its role within the community have given me a new challenge to contend with. It's been a real gift."

She learned to be elegant thanks to the strong women in her family

Elettra Wiedemann's grandmother, Ingrid Bergman, was celebrated for her beauty, as was her mother, Isabella Rossellini. But it's about more than good genetics, and Wiedemann has grown up surrounded by strong women who have positively influenced her life and helped shape who she has become (and how she approaches fashion).

Wiedemann is celebrated for her style and has given interviews about her must-have items. She has appeared on multiple runways and done photo shoots for campaigns and magazine spreads. So, what are her thoughts on style?

"Strong, elegant women are on both sides of my family, maternal and paternal," she told Daily Mail in an interview in 2020. "They really taught me about simplicity and functionality. The women of my family don't think that in order to be elegant, you have to be in a gown with high heels. They think that a white shirt and black trousers are elegant ..."

Elettra Wiedemann is interested in food and even has her own cookbook

One of Elettra Wiedemann's biggest passions involves food. She wrote a cookbook, "Impatient Foodie," released in 2007. She opened a pop-up restaurant, Goodness, which launched during 2011's New York Fashion Week, and she's given several interviews that reflect how important good food is to her. Still, Wiedemann took things one step further because it's not just cooking in her kitchen that inspires her. She researched food in much more depth at the London School Of Economics. 

"Food has always been a way for me to understand larger issues that I'm interested in," she told Interview magazine in 2011. "After I finished my master's, I gave myself a break for a year. In that time, my mind sort of crunched all the information that I ingested, and I literally woke up one day and had the idea for Goodness."

Roberto Rossellini Jr. is a model and photographer

Roberto Rossellini Jr. is the adopted son of Isabella Rossellini, and, like his mom and sister, Elettra Wiedemann, he has also modeled. Although he had always been aware of his mother's career, he did not initially think he would pursue it.

"I never thought about it until literally this last year," he told W magazine in 2016 of his modeling career. "I've always had a thing for fashion ... I'm using this as a way to learn more about it." In the same interview, he acknowledged that his career is not comparable to that of his mother or sister. "I'm in a different lane than they are," he told the publication of his famous family. 

In addition to posing in front of the camera, he has spent time on the other side. The stock photo agency BFA employed Rossellini Jr. for a time, but his love for photography started long before this. "Since I first picked up a camera in high school, I have wanted to dig deeper and capture images that say more than the imagery that often accompanies celebrities in popular culture in general and artists and musicians of color in particular," he told Oliver Peoples.

Roberto Rossellini Jr. was scouted in New York

Roberto Rossellini Jr. may not have initially wanted a career in modeling, but it found him ... quite by chance, as he revealed to Coveteur in a 2017 interview. "I thought modeling was something I could maybe do at some point, but I never thought it would be the thing I'm doing now," he said. "It started with me randomly getting scouted in New York City by a photographer, and she wanted me to model for L'Officiel Italia. It was funny because right after I was done shooting, my mom came up to me and was like, 'Well, you just got scouted randomly. Why don't you just go ahead and actually model?'"

Then, with his mother's encouragement, Rossellini Jr. realized that this was something he could do (and be great at), and he signed with Ford Models. His career has gone from strength to strength, including walking in the Ralph Lauren S/S 23 Show Los Angeles and appearing in the Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2021 and Polo Ralph Lauren F/W 21 campaigns. While it remains to be seen if he'll continue to focus on modeling in the future, he is a genetically blessed individual who has grown up to be gorgeous.

He has been trying to make a name for himself all on his own

Growing up as the child of a celebrity means advantages and disadvantages. Some people view celebrity children as privileged, which in many ways they are because their parents' finances allow them to explore different career paths, knowing they can fall back on a financial cushion. They can also benefit from their parents' industry connections if they pursue a career in the entertainment industry. At the same time, they must deal with the invasion of privacy from the media and the public, and it may prove challenging to make a name for themselves (without living in their famous parent's shadow).

Roberto Rossellini Jr. understands this dilemma well and prefers the world views him as more than Isabella Rossellini's son. "Personally, I don't want people to just see me as a celebrity kid. I understand it's cool and a blessing — I love my mom for who she is and all that — but I feel like it has a lot to do with my own personality and what I do," he said to Coveteur. "I'm trying to make a mark for myself. I'm just a regular guy who is creative, an artist, and now a model. It's just another thing to throw onto the plate." And he is working hard to achieve that.

Isabella Rossellini has been a great source of advice for her son

Isabella Rossellini is the daughter of superstar Ingrid Bergman and Italian film director Roberto Rossellini (the former couple was married from 1950 until 1957). She's led an incredible career and now supports her son, Roberto Rossellini Jr., who chose to follow in her footsteps.

Roberto Rossellini Jr. has discussed his mom and how she let him decide on his career path while encouraging him. "She thought it would be a good way for me to network, learn more about the fashion industry and photography as well," he said of his decision to model in an interview with Coveteur. "I agree. It feels like I'm learning a little bit about everything — clothing, photography, how to be in front of a camera and behind it."

In an interview with W magazine in 2016, Rossellini Jr. also spoke about how his mom helps him navigate certain situations. "My mom always gives me tons of advice," he told the publication. "'Make sure you're always walking straight; make sure your back is tall; don't ever look down. Be normal and be cool. Be happy.'"

Roberto Rossellini Jr. is not afraid to get his hands dirty

When you look at Roberto Rossellini Jr., you see an incredibly handsome and stylish individual. Is he genetically blessed? Sure, but it's more than that. He displays a presence and quality not easily replicated. So, it may come as a bit of a surprise to fans that he is more than happy to get his hands dirty. He grew up on a farm and involved himself in all aspects.

He has since moved to New York City (where he works), but that doesn't mean he doesn't miss the farm and the slower pace of life. "If it weren't for work, I would absolutely move back," he told Oliver Peoples. "Growing up here with my mom, surrounded by nature and animals almost every day, had a significant impact on my life and taught me a lot about self-sufficiency and how we as human beings are not detached but an essential part of nature. I still take great pleasure in the simpler lifestyle when I'm here and when in New York..."

In an interview with W magazine in 2016, the publication also noted that Rossellini Jr. helped out on the farm growing up. As for that entailed? It could be anything from caring for animals to planting and tending to crops.

Fans may see Roberto Rossellini Jr. in a film

Both of Isabella Rossellini's children appear passionate about making it independently, although they will never be able to fully escape their family because they are the children of a talented and successful star, and their grandparents were also loved and respected in the entertainment industry. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they have decided to take a similar path. It started with modeling careers, but Roberto Rossellini Jr. may have plans to branch into film later.

He shared this in an interview with Cultured Mag in 2019, revealing how he has not completely disregarded the idea of making movies. "It's been on my mind a bit recently," he said. "A small part or a smaller role is something I'd definitely do. But a main role is still a little intimidating." While some may argue that he possesses leading-man qualities, considering his family legacy, no one could blame him for feeling intimidated. This is also why he wishes to find his own way, which his sister, Elettra Wiedemann, has also acknowledged.

"You don't live through your family history, you live through yourself," she told Daily Mail.