A Look At Taylor Lautner And Taylor Dome's Love Story

You may have seen the TikTok of Taylor Lautner gearing up for Taylor Swift's new version of her album "Speak Now," jokingly praying for a fellow ex of the singer's, John Mayer. But even though his romance with Swift didn't work out, his current relationship seems written in the stars.

When Jacob Black first set eyes on Renesmee in "The Twilight Saga," he knew that she was the one he would eventually end up with one day. As it turns out, the same can be said for the actor who plays the famous werewolf once he met his match off-screen. "I knew from the moment I met her," actor Taylor Lautner gushed during an interview with "Access Hollywood."

In 2018, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome — who has since also taken the surname, Lautner — introduced their relationship to the world when they became Instagram official. "ITS WEDDING SZN," Dome captured the photo, adding, "(Not ours tho hehe)." However, wedding bells eventually did come calling for these two.

Here's a closer look at Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome's adorable love story.

Taylor Lautner's sister set them up

Taylor Lautner has his younger sister Makena Moore to thank for introducing him to the love of his life. "She always said that she was going to introduce me to my future wife," the actor recalled during an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." "And I was like, 'Sure.'"

Makena Moore first met Taylor Dome at a church in Nashville, according to her Instagram, and immediately knew that she would be the perfect match for her older brother. "She called me and said, 'Dude, I found your future wife. You need to meet this girl,'" Lautner explained to People. According to an episode of the couple's podcast, "The Squeeze," at the end of 2017, she suggested Lautner host a game night at his house (which is still one of his favorite things to do) so that he could meet Dome with less pressure in a group setting.

The minute these two met that fateful night, they quickly hit it off. "And the rest is history," Lautner told People.

She was a Twilight fan before they met

Long before Taylor Dome ever knew she'd end up with Taylor Lautner, she was watching to see if Bella would end up with his "Twilight" character, Jacob Black. "She was a big fan of the 'Twilight' franchise," Lautner told "Today." "She told me that she used to go to all the midnight showings and binge the previous movies before seeing the new ones."

As fans of "Twilight" know, Bella Swan spends most of the series navigating whether or not she should be with Edward Cullen, a vampire, or with Jacob Black, a werewolf (played by Lautner). This love triangle created problems among the immortal beings, and it prompted fans to choose sides too. As it turns out, Dome had always been on Team Edward. "But [that was] back then," Lautner said. "I was fine with it as long as I converted her now."

Funny enough, shortly after falling for Lautner, Dome was seated next to Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward, on an airplane. "She was visiting me on the set of a TV show I did called 'Cuckoo' in London," Lautner told E! News. "When she got to me, she was like, 'You'll never guess who I was sitting next to on the plane.'"

However, she didn't introduce herself since she and Lautner were still keeping their relationship a secret at the time.

They stayed at home early in their relationship

When Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome were still getting to know each other early in their relationship, they kept their dates low-key. "We just literally sat at home and ate Mexican food for a good portion of our early stages of dating," Dome shared on an episode of their podcast "The Squeeze."

In the first few months of their relationship, they hadn't yet shared this aspect of their lives with the world. In addition, Lautner didn't want fans bombarding him whenever he was out and about. "Movie theaters and malls were two things that I hadn't done, literally, in a decade," he explained. "And it brought me so much anxiety whenever the first time we went to a mall was."

Lautner ultimately decided to step away from acting for almost four years to focus on what life might look like outside the spotlight. Before that, he said, "It was just non-stop, go, go, go: filming, promoting, working." He added, "I think it just took realizing that there's so much more to life that I wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy, and just soak in fully." That, of course, included spending quality time with his other half.

He supported her through nursing school

While Taylor Lautner has spent the majority of his life acting, Taylor Dome was just jumping into her passions when the pair met. She had just started nursing school, but Lautner was there to support her through it all. "That's, kind of, how we got to know each other, as [she was] grinding through nursing school," he shared during an episode of "The Squeeze" podcast.

Dome graduated from nursing school at the end of 2019 and went on to take her NCLEX-RN exam to officially become a nurse in 2020. Her ultimate goal was to work in a hospital as a telemetry nurse, an extremely critical position that works directly with patients by monitoring their vitals. Originally, however, Dome wasn't looking to work in a hospital. She explained, "I was planning on doing more of an O.R.-type thing, but all of those shut down because of COVID."

While Lautner was afraid of her entering into nursing at a hospital at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he supported her aspirations in the health field as she embarked on a journey that would soon change her life entirely. "I knew it would be a major life change for us, and it was something we were just going to have to adjust to," Lautner said.

They went through the pandemic together

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor Dome found herself in the thick of things, working double shifts in a COVID unit at a Los Angeles County hospital. On her first night on the job, they were also short-staffed. "I had to keep five patients who were on the edge of life and death alive all by myself," Dome shared on her blog, "Lemons By Tay."

Each day, she tried to put on a brave face when she headed home to see her boyfriend, Taylor Lautner — but he knew that she couldn't handle everything on her own. "Working COVID was so intense, I could not do that at all, and I didn't realize I was struggling until [he] confronted me about it," she admitted on "The Squeeze" podcast.

The breaking point was when they both were sick with COVID-19 during the summer of 2021. Dome's symptoms lingered for so long that she was out of work for two months. "I had to go on disability," she revealed. "I couldn't go to work."

Dome's time at home made her realize that she needed a change. She left the hospital and began blogging about her experiences with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. She also started her own non-profit called The Lemons Foundation to help others with their mental health.

They got engaged in their kitchen

When it came to creating the perfect proposal, Taylor Lautner wanted to get it exactly right, so he got input from Taylor Dome before he even asked her to marry him. As it turns out, she wanted a simple proposal, right in their kitchen. "She's like, 'One night when we're just having dinner and a glass of wine, that's all I want,'" Lautner explained during an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

After nearly four years of dating, Lautner decided to do exactly that — except he made it a bit more extravagant than just another ordinary dinner at home. "I kind of transformed the kitchen," he said on "Access Hollywood."

While Dome was away at an event, Lautner invited a few friends over to help him complete the ultimate proposal setup. On November 11, 2021, he lined their kitchen with candles and roses, put on a nice suit, and when she came home at sunset, he popped the question. "And just like that, all of my wishes came true," he told his Instagram followers.

They held their wedding at a California winery

On November 11, 2022 (exactly one year after Taylor Lautner's kitchen proposal), he and Taylor Dome tied the knot at Epoch Estate Wines in Paso Robles, California. Dome wore an embroidered A-line wedding gown with a matching train-length veil while Launter donned a black Dolce & Gabbana suit. However, after their outdoor ceremony, the two changed into more comfortable outfits for the remainder of the night. "I always knew I wanted an outfit change because I needed something I could break it down on the dance floor in," Dome told People of her second gown.

Lautner spent the rest of the evening in a velvet suit, not wanting to repeat an incident that had happened to him earlier in the year. "A couple months ago we attended our friend's wedding and at the dance party portion I busted out some flips and splits and ended up absolutely shredding my suit pants," he explained. "And I was so upset because I loved that suit."

The pair kept the party going, spending the rest of their wedding weekend hanging out at various wineries in the area with friends and family.

They took off on a tropical honeymoon

Right after their wedding ceremony on the West Coast, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome hopped on a plane and headed to Mexico for a tropical honeymoon. They spent their week at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, where they had private beachside meals, a luxury spa package for two, and soaked up the sun on the sandy beaches with books in hand.

Perhaps one of their favorite parts of the trip was all the delicious meals at the resort — they did get engaged in their kitchen, after all. "I love to cook, so I make us dinner all the time," Lautner once shared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

This time, however, they both got to step away from the stove and eat their meals as they watched the sunset. "[I] can get used to life with you @taylautner," the actor wrote about his new wife in the Instagram caption accompanying a video of their magical week together.

They both became Taylor Lautner

The odds of ending up with someone who has the same name as you are pretty low, but never zero. With Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome, the latter's name change can make things a bit confusing. To avoid this, Lautner has continued to go by "Taylor" while Dome has shortened her name to "Tay" to differentiate themselves from each other. "Or a lot of people just do boy Tay and girl Tay," Lautner shared during an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

However, when the two of them tied the knot, they needed to decide if they would share a last name too. For Dome, it was a no-brainer. "Her answer was, 'I never was going to hyphenate. I was always going to take my partner's last name, so why would anything change that?'" Lautner explained to "Access Hollywood" about their decision to legally share a last name.

They host a podcast together

After Taylor Dome started her blog "Lemons by Tay" and founded her non-profit The Lemons Foundation, she wanted to continue sharing the importance of mental health support with the world. In 2022, she woke up with a great idea: She wanted to start a podcast all about it too.

Dome asked Taylor Lautner if he would hop on board for the first episode, and in 2023, their podcast "The Squeeze" officially started. "After the first episode, he was hooked," Dome shared with PopSugar. "He was only supposed to be my part-time cohost, but we filmed our first two episodes and he was like, 'Can I actually be here full-time?' And I was like, 'Yes, you can. I knew this was gonna happen.'"

In the first two episodes, Dome and Lautner shared what makes them so passionate about the mental health field and what their mental health has looked like over time. The show's topics dive deep into each of their lives, and nothing seems to be off limits. "We have learned more about each other, which we didn't think was possible," Lautner told Marie Claire.

In other episodes, the couple includes celebrity guests in their conversations, as well as professionals in the mental health field who share their expertise on the subjects at hand. "Our joke — that is slightly a joke but also kind of true — is that [the podcast is] free therapy for us," Dome told PopSugar.

They got matching tattoos

During their first year of marriage, Taylor Lautner wanted to give his wife a unique gift for her 26th birthday. That's when he came up with a special idea that the actor knew his wife would never see coming. When Taylor Dome entered their living room that day, she was surprised to see that her husband had hired a tattoo artist to come into their home. He had plans to ink each of them with a tattoo to commemorate their wedding date — "11.11.22" — in a classic cursive script. "She's a big numbers person," Lautner explained during an interview with "Access Hollywood."

Now, not only does this couple have matching names, but they have matching arm tattoos of their favorite day (which are also convenient reminders if either of them ever forgets their anniversary). "Best birthday surprise ever," Dome wrote to her Instagram followers alongside a video of the tattooing process.

They have two adorable rescue dogs

Much like his famous "Twilight" character, werewolf Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner has a soft spot for dogs. Over the years, he has partnered with companies such as Hill's Pet Nutrition to help get animals out of shelters and into forever homes. "We have two rescue dogs of our own, and they have completely changed our lives," the actor said during an interview with "Access Hollywood."

When he and Taylor Dome met for the first time, she already had one rescue dog named Lily. However, when they moved in together, she felt it was time for them to adopt another fur baby together. "Tay started the whole 'Lily could use a friend' [thing]," Lautner said.

That was when the couple decided to visit a local shelter and adopt a dog named Remi. Their two furry friends now share an Instagram account with thousands of followers.

They eventually want to have children

One day, there could possibly be a third Taylor Lautner running around in the world. "We joke that our firstborn will be Taylor Jr. and T.J. for short," Taylor Lautner said during an interview with "Access Hollywood."

In all seriousness, however, he and his wife would love to have their own children one day. "My entire life, I've wanted to be a wife and mom," Taylor Dome shared on an episode of their podcast "The Squeeze." Her dreams to have a big family stem from the fact that she grew up as an only child, she explained.

However, Dome also clarified in the same podcast episode that the two of them aren't in a hurry to have their first child anytime soon. For now, the Lautners are much too busy spending time with their nephew (via Instagram) and tending to their two dogs. "The puppy is honestly a child," Dome joked. "She requires a lot of attention."

Here's why they believe their relationship works

While Taylor Dome was growing up, her father always emphasized the importance of perspective. "And I think that's carried into my relationships with my friends, with my family, and especially with [my husband]," she explained on an episode of the couple's podcast, "The Squeeze." "We're always putting each other, ourselves, in the other's shoes, and I definitely think that is a large reason why we have such a healthy relationship."

While most couples have their fair share of fights, she and Taylor Lautner are always willing to hear each other out — even if they don't agree with the other person about what they're arguing over. "You don't have to agree with [your partner]. We do that all the time," Lautner said, adding, "But if [she's] able to just understand where I'm coming from — or [I] understand where [she's] coming from — there's love."