How Do You Remove Tubing Mascara?

If you are an eye makeup savant, then you're likely familiar with tubing mascara. This revolutionary kind of mascara is designed to last longer and smudge a lot less than standard mascara. But how is that even possible? Credit its ingredients.

Standard mascara is comprised of oils and waxes. As a result, the oils in your face can contribute to breaking down this type of mascara, leading to smudges throughout the day. However, tubing mascara is made up of polymers instead. It is applied to your lashes the same way, but the polymers cover each eyelash individually and do not then fold so easily, keeping you looking good and setting up your eye makeup to last all day without getting messed up.

Like any kind of makeup, tubing mascara does need to be removed before bed. Despite its smudge-free nature, it is actually not difficult to get it to come off.

Removing tubing mascara

If you have run out of makeup remover, that is no problem — it's not needed when removing tubing mascara. One handy characteristic of tubing mascara — and one of the reasons that it is not as easy to smear as regular mascara — is that it is resistant to cold water. However, tubing mascara does not withstand warm water, which is precisely how you can remove it from your eyelashes. All you need is the simple recipe of warm water and a cotton pad or washcloth to get started.

First, soak your chosen material (washcloth or cotton pad) in the proper water temperature. Then, rub it on your lashes in a downward motion — smoothly yet firmly, but not too rough. You should them be able to remove the mascara without too much fuss. In fact, it'll come off your eyelashes in tiny, cylindrical clumps — offering you a peek at the infamous "tubes" themselves.

People share their favorite mascaras

TikTok user has posted a series of videos on tubing mascara and its various benefits. In her removal tutorial, she jokes that you could cry off your mascara because only water is needed. She peels the mascara off her lashes with no trouble once they are wet (from the sink, not tears). In another video, she compares two different kinds of tubing mascara. One is from the makeup brand Tarte and the other is from Caliray. While Katie believes the eyelashes covered by Tarte look better, the Caliray mascara is easier to remove and she declares that one as the winner.

TikToker @slashedbeauty posted a video describing three of the best tubing mascara options under $15. All of them are high-quality despite the low cost, but she determines that her favorite of the bunch is the Totally Tubular mascara from Half Caked in The Ultimate wand style. Miranda says this product looked best and was easiest to take off.

If simplicity of removal and longevity is important to you when it comes to mascara, tubing mascara is definitely something for you to consider.