5 Benefits Caffeine Shampoo Can Have On Your Hair

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Your morning routine likely includes a steaming cup of fresh coffee first thing. You might even sit for a few minutes sipping that warm brew before you properly start your day. And when you're feeling a little tired, nothing is better than hitting the Starbucks drive-thru. But caffeine doesn't just wake up your brain; it also wakes up your scalp and hair. 

Caffeinated shampoo isn't a new concept, of course, and while you can find it in several products that help stimulate your scalp and renew your locks, everything you need to make caffeine shampoo can actually be found at home. All you have to do is grab your favorite shampoo formula and add some coffee to it. The fine grains work to exfoliate your scalp, and the caffeine does wonders for the look and feel of your hair. 

However, coffee in your shampoo can stain, so if you've got that platinum-blonde look, try a commercial formula specifically formulated for your hair. Hop on the caffeine shampoo bandwagon by learning about the five key benefits it can have on the look and feel of your hair and scalp. Likewise, discover why caffeine might be the natural answer you were looking for to grow longer and healthier hair.

Get stronger hair with caffeine shampoo

Caffeine is good for more than a little pick-me-up; it can make your locks stronger and healthier just in time for that next big TikTok hair trend you want to try. The reason that caffeine is good for making your hair stronger has to do with the antioxidants it contains. You might not think of antioxidants when you think of coffee, but it's full of them.

Sure, too much coffee in the morning isn't great for you, but adding some to your shampoo or buying a shampoo with caffeine already included in the ingredients is fantastic for helping to heal your hair from damage. A 2013 study in the National Library of Medicine found that caffeinated products, like coffee, contain several different types of antioxidants, which are perfect for dealing with free radicals in the blood, hair, and scalp. The antioxidants in the caffeine shampoo work to smooth the frizz and dryness created by harsh styling products and using too much heat on your hair. 

Additionally, it helps to rebalance the pH levels of your hair to prevent further damage to the follicle. However, unlike your regular, run-of-the-mill shampoo, always let it sit on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. This allows the caffeine to penetrate your scalp and create the most benefits. In addition to fighting the effects of blow drying and straightening, caffeine is great for assisting with UV damage.

It also helps hair recover from UV damage

When summer comes around, you can't fathom staying indoors when there are beaches to comb, trails to walk, and streets to roam. While you might be slathering the SPF on your skin, most people typically don't think too much about how those UV rays affect their hair. However, that dryness you experience after a day or week at the beach could be caused by all that luxurious sunbathing.

Recover and protect your hair from sun damage by grabbing a bottle of caffeinated shampoo or making one yourself. According to a 2019 study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, integrating agents like caffeine into your hair care provide sun protection to your follicles. And adding a bit of caffeine to your shampoo is ideal.  

It's not just good for UV damage either; it could be helpful with gray coverage on brunettes since adding coffee to your shampoo can have a slight staining effect. Your hair takes a beating from environmental factors and styling, but so does your scalp. That sensitive skin needs a bit of TLC from caffeine too.

Improve the health of your scalp with caffeine shampoo

Whether your scalp is dry and itchy or you've been placing your straightener a little too close to it, your scalp gets a lot less love than the skin on your face or legs. But just like the delicate skin of your cheeks, your scalp has an essential job growing hair and needs to be cared for accordingly as a result. Adding caffeine to your scalp helps by rebalancing your pH levels and stimulating those important blood vessels and follicles.

You might not realize it, but caffeine can be absorbed through your skin, so many cosmetic products have started already utilizing its healing benefits. It's also why leaving a caffeinated shampoo on a bit longer is crucial. Aside from helping with your pH levels, shampoo with a bit of added caffeine also exfoliates the scalp, helping with dry, flaky skin. So, you might find your scalp feeling better after shampooing with caffeine. 

For example, specific caffeinated formulas, like Alpencin, also contain additional moisturizing ingredients such as aloe to further soothe any irritation. Likewise, as Philip B., a celebrity hairstylist and Hollywood's leading haircare specialist, informed Byrdie: "Massaging the area helps to break through the barrier coating of sebum." Adding caffeine to your cosmetics, meanwhile, means it's actively working under the skin.

Caffeine shampoo also has vasodilating properties

Everyone knows getting your blood pumping is essential, so you get off your couch and head out on the trail. But do you ever consider getting the blood pumping on your scalp? Caffeine has natural vasodilating properties, which means it opens up the blood vessels and gets your blood flowing. And improved blood flow anywhere in your body is always beneficial. When you apply caffeine shampoo to your scalp, it's quickly absorbed into the skin and gets the blood moving. 

Increased blood flow can help with everything from stimulating hair growth to improving your scalp's pH balance. Additionally, the Journal of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery points out that caffeine enhances the skin's barrier function, which is helpful for the different products added to your scalp daily. However, it's important to know that the same study noted that caffeine could be problematic for wound healing. 

So, you should think twice about using caffeine shampoo if you have any open wounds or sores. The health of your scalp and what's happening beneath it should be at the forefront of your mind, especially when experiencing hair loss or other hair disorders. And yet, while the research is still in the beginning stages, caffeine might even help you to regrow or stimulate hair growth.

It may even help with hair growth

One of the things people wonder about most often when it comes to caffeinated shampoo, or indeed any hair care product, is whether it affects growth. While there is insufficient research on the topic, the Journal of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery did find that caffeine promoted hair growth in those with alopecia. However, the amount of caffeine used needs to be regulated because overuse of caffeine products could slow hair growth.

In addition to making hair grow by prolonging its anagen phase, caffeine affects the hormone that causes hair loss, known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It's actually able to block the DHT, which may help to lessen hair loss. However, the amount that caffeine blocks DHT and helps with hair loss is still being researched. Therefore, caffeine alone might not be able to stop hair loss and create regrowth in individuals with premature balding.

Just like adding caffeine to your morning gets you going, caffeine in your shampoo gets your hair and scalp moving too. Not only will it wake up your scalp and possibly even stimulate growth, but caffeine is also good for rebalancing your hair due to the antioxidants it contains. Just remember that caffeine has a few side effects, like possible scalp staining, irritation, and less effectiveness after prolonged use, so proceed with caution.