Kate Middleton Already Knows Her First Move When She Becomes Queen

Since King Charles III took over the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, his son Prince William was elevated from Duke of Cambridge to Prince of Wales. The king spoke about how happy he was to make that change in reign for William in his first speech ever as the ruler of England.


It is a change that has also impacted the prince's wife, Kate Middleton. "Today, I am proud to create him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have been so greatly privileged to bear during so much of my life and duty," said Charles. "With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the center ground where vital help can be given."

Just a few months after being named the Princess of Wales, Kate is already looking forward to her reign as queen.

Kate will eventually be named Queen Consort

When Willliam, Prince of Wales becomes king, Kate Middleton will elevate to Queen consort, the current title of King Charles' wife, Camilla. She will be crowned as Queen consort during the same ceremony where William will be crowned king, just as Camilla was when Charles was coronated. 


Though she may be referred to as Queen Kate, she won't hold any political or military power and she will never become the ruling queen. Should William die before Kate, their son George will become king, followed in line of succession by sister Charlotte, and brother Louis, in that order.

As Queen consort, Kate will be expected to support her husband the king, something she has already done for years. While at the children's picnic at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Kate was asked by a child what the first thing she will do as queen is. She responded that she "is going to help kids," (via Express).

Kate's charity work

Kate Middleton has talked about her inspiring charity work for years. The Princess of Wales has already helped countless children by lending her support to charities that focus on children's mental and emotional health including the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, Family Action, and Place2Be. She has been involved with Place2Be's Children's Mental Health Week for nearly a decade. 


In a speech Kate gave for the charity back in 2017, when she was still Duchess of Cambridge, she explained why children's mental health is important to her. "People often ask me why I am so interested in the mental health of children and young people," she recalled. "The answer is quite simple — it is because I think that every child should have the best possible start in life."

Kate not only speaks up for children but she teaches kids how they can help each other. "If you see someone who you think might need help, try and be kind to them. Keep a look out for them if they are on their own or seem sad or worried," the future queen suggested in the same speech. "Perhaps they just need a hug or someone to talk to. I know it is hard if you are feeling down yourself. But helping someone out will also make you feel so much better, too.


Kate also supports research on early childhood development

In addition to children's mental health and well-being, Kate Middleton is also passionate about the study of early childhood. She believes that a child's early life and experiences can affect the rest of their lives and the adults they become, so support during the first five years is vital. Kate sent out a survey in 2020 called "5 Big Questions on the Under Fives" to gather findings on the subject. The survey results published on the Royal Family's website showed that only 25% of respondents realize how important the first five years of a child's life are to their future and development.


Kate started The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in June 2021 to continue researching the topic and incite change, both for children and their parents and caregivers. The Shaping Us campaign was launched in January 2023 as part of this mission. Kate's dedication to this cause will most likely only increase when she is Queen consort and has even more influence.