Chelsea Clinton Made A Footwear Faux Pas At A Major Political Event

Whether you're Jennifer Lawrence at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival or Kate Middleton visiting another country, absolutely no one is immune to the occasional fashion faux pas. This appeared to be the case for Chelsea Clinton during the 2023 inauguration of Wes Moore as Maryland's 63rd governor. While in attendance, Clinton made a major fashion blunder, one that would have many of us scurrying home as soon as possible.

Most people remember Clinton from her time growing up in the White House as the only child of former President Bill Clinton and former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As an adult, she works as a board member of the Clinton Foundation but has also made a name for herself as a writer and global health advocate.

Growing up in the world of politics, Clinton has fostered an undeniable level of poise, which is likely why she was able to poke fun at her footwear faux pas on Twitter, posting that she had accidentally worn mismatched heels to the Maryland political event. The public figure appeared to be able to laugh off her mistake, with Oprah unexpectedly being in on the joke.

Chelsea Clinton showed off her mismatched shoes in a Twitter post

When attending Wes Moore's inauguration, Chelsea Clinton found herself wearing mismatched heels. While they were both black, one was a pointed-toe style while the other one was a peep-toe style. Luckily, the Clinton heir didn't seem to take the embarrassing moment to heart, instead taking to Twitter to share the anecdote.

In the post, Clinton writes, "Getting ready early this morning to head to Annapolis for @iamwesmoore⁩'s inauguration, I grabbed two black heels, and failed to grab an actual pair of shoes. I didn't notice until I was in Penn Station. ⁦@Oprah of course noticed as soon as I sat down next to her . . .!"

That's right, the public figure had the honor of sitting next to the iconic Oprah Winfrey, who performed the introduction for the inauguration. According to Clinton, the talk show host noticed her blunder right away but was reportedly very gracious about it. She tweeted in response to Clinton, adding her perspective to the story.

Oprah thought she was missing a new footwear trend

When Oprah Winfrey caught sight of Chelsea Clinton's mismatched heels at Wes Moore's inauguration, her first thought was that she had missed the memo about a new fashion trend.

"Yes and I'm still laughing out LoUD for real," Oprah tweeted in response to Clinton, adding a laughing emoji. "Cause I thought at first it was some crazy new fashion thing that I hadn't heard of. I was thinking WHO designed this concept." Though Clinton assumedly broke the news of her footwear faux-pas to Oprah, the TV producer was reportedly very nice about the blunder, with Clinton tweeting, "You were so kind to think so!! And even kinder when you realized it was just an oops . . .!!"

While we wouldn't personally want Oprah to witness one of our embarrassing moments, at least Clinton had a friendly face she could laugh about the mistake with.