Why General Hospital Fans Don't Trust Trina's Paternity Test Results

One would think that after helping save humanity from near-total extermination, it would be time for rest and recreation. This is not so for Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) on "General Hospital." After her adventure in Greenland, it's back to more mundane problems in Port Charles, which might be more daunting than battling a megalomaniac like Victor Cassadine. Facing death has caused Trina to reevaluate what she wants out of life. At the Valentine's Day wedding of her mother, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), to Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), a bombshell was dropped — Curtis might actually be Trina's father, not Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) as she grew up believing.

As a result, Trina's whole life has been upended. She was on the fence about taking a DNA test to see which man was her biological father for fear of losing or hurting Taggert. But after she returned home, she decided it was best to find out and put an end to her paternity scandal. So she, Taggert, and Curtis took the test and anxiously awaited the results. Both Trina and Taggert have sworn that they would remain father and daughter, no matter the test's outcome. When the results finally came back, it was discovered that Curtis was her biological father.

Taggert left Curtis and Portia to sort things out while he unleashed his tears of sadness in the hospital elevator.

Fans think Selina Wu tampered with the DNA results

"General Hospital" posted a picture of Trina Robinson and Marcus Taggert on Twitter with the caption, "Trina is ready to know whether or not Curtis [Ashford] is her biological father. Are Curtis and Taggert on the same page?" Many fans felt that the revelation that Curtis is her bio dad was heartbreaking. One fan responded to Taggert's private reaction in the elevator, where he not only let loose his tears but also punched the wall, saying, "Taggert's private response was EVERYTHING gut-wrenching!" Quite a few people also felt bad for Taggert and didn't like seeing the rug pulled out from under him.

Several viewers didn't buy that the test results were accurate, with one responding, "I think Taggert is still Trina's bio dad, and Selina [Wu, Lydia Look] tampered with the results like she said she was going to do." This was referring to the fact that mobster Selina Wu told him she would tamper with the DNA test in either direction if he wanted her to. Other viewers also agreed with this possibility. One fan convinced their assessment of the storyline is correct wrote, "Such a gut punch to Taggert. It's hurting me what this is doing to him, and in my GUT, I know he still is Trina's dad. Selina messed with the report."

This story definitely has emotions running high among viewers, who continue to debate the veracity of the DNA test results.