King Charles Won't Publicly Celebrate Lilibet's Birthday (But His Reported Private Gesture Says It All)

King Charles III faces not only the stresses of being the head of the British monarchy. His family turmoil has bubbled over in recent years as well, with his second son's departure from being a senior member of the royal family. The Duke of Sussex's tell-all memoir "Spare" dove into Prince Harry's relationship with King Charles, causing many to wonder just what it was really like behind palace doors for the father and son. 

While Harry did make it to his father's historic coronation, his wife, Meghan Markle, did not. Such a rift between these generations has created a stir of questions about King Charles' relationship with each of his grandchildren, especially Harry and Meghan's kids: Archie and Lilibet. June 4 marks Princess Lilibet's second birthday. While Charles is not celebrating his granddaughter publicly, his private gift was a special reminder of their family love. Here is how Charles honored little Lilibet as she turned two years old.

Princess Lilibet received a custom gift from King Charles for her second birthday

The toddler's birthday is reportedly being celebrated in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Los Angeles home, far from King Charles III and the rest of the British royal family. This marks a stark difference from last year when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex brought one-year-old Lilibet to the U.K. to celebrate at Frogmore Cottage. Nonetheless, Charles made sure to gift Lilibet a present to honor her special day. 

According to GoodtoKnow, Charles gave Lilibet a "custom-made cubby house" for her birthday. This is no doll house; a cubby house, aka a playhouse, is a miniature abode for children to play in. Though now just a toddler, Lilibet will be able to make memories in her cubby house from Charles for years to come. In addition to being a sweet surprise for his granddaughter, Charles' gift also included a special message that Lilibet will always be connected to the royal family and its traditions.

Lilibet's cubby house resembles Queen Elizabeth's childhood playhouse

Named for her great-grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Lilibet shares another thing in common with the iconic monarch. King Charles III reportedly planned to give Lilibet a cubby house that was "similar to what the queen and Princess Margaret had when they were girls," according to Best Products. Only the best would do for his youngest granddaughter, it seemed. 

This gift may serve as a reminder that Lilibet has a special connection with Her Majesty and the rest of the royals, even if her parents are no longer senior members of the monarchy. The queen's old cubby house has been passed down among generations, but since Lilibet doesn't live in the U.K., Charles decided she would need a custom-made one that resembled the playhouse. The two-year-old is sure to get plenty of fun out of her grandfather's birthday present.

The King's gift to Lilibet shows his fondness for her

In general, not a great deal is known about King Charles III's relationship with Lilibet and Archie. His coronation, which was attended solely by Prince Harry with Meghan Markle remaining in California with their children, was notably held on the same day as Archie's fourth birthday party — a clash many believe was probably why Harry left so quickly after the ceremony was over. 

The shared dates of the coronation and birthday party may have been a complete coincidence, however. Even so, speaking to The Independent about how Charles felt regarding the date clash, ahead of the coronation, an insider acknowledged: "It is sad, he is very disappointed that he won't see Meghan or his grandchildren but understands the situation." 

Moreover, according to The Telegraph, it was thought that Charles may not have the opportunity to get to know his grandchildren after Meghan and Harry were asked to leave Frogmore Cottage — particularly considering the couple now resides across the pond. In light of these rumors, Charles' gift to Lilibet is a sweet reminder that he does indeed care for his grandchildren.