Why You Need To Ditch Makeup Wipes For Vaseline (If You Haven't Already)

Vaseline is an age-old solution to many skin issues, including burns, cuts, and dry skin due to its emollient and occlusive properties. The original Vaseline jelly is a product of the Unilever brand, and unlike other variations, it's made of pure "triple-purified" petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has a melting point of 38 degrees Celcius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), which is close to body temperature, making it easy to massage into your skin upon contact.

Vaseline can moisturize and soften the skin by filling in the gaps between skin cells and prevent moisture loss by creating a barrier around the skin. Amazingly, one of the ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine is as a makeup remover. Unlike wipes that can dry out your skin, you can count on Vaseline to remove your makeup without eliminating your natural body oils.

Another reason Vaseline is a great choice is because of how well it does around the eyes, removing eye makeup effectively without causing any irritation. To begin replacing wipes with Vaseline, you need a cotton pad or tissues — whichever you have handy. You'll also need your favorite facial wash, preferably one with a mild formula that doesn't create skin dryness.

How to use Vaseline to remove your makeup

Start by gently massaging the Vaseline into your skin like a balm cleanser. You'll need to be generous with your application and apply more as you go. The Vaseline will melt into your makeup and gradually dislodge it. Then, you can use a tissue or cotton pad to wipe it off.

Continue to do this until all of your makeup is lifted and can be wiped off. If it gets tricky around the eye area, add more Vaseline and gently massage it with your fingertips for at least a minute. You'll find it a lot easier to wipe off afterward. Next, reach for your favorite cleanser and massage it into your skin thoroughly — this will remove the Vaseline and makeup residue. If you have dry skin, a single wash might be all you need, but oily skin might require another wash.

For oily skin, double-washing your face will give you a cleaner base and help rid your skin of excess oil. If you have dry skin but notice some oil residue left after using a facial wash, try plain water washes. Without any soap, gently massage the water into your skin using your fingertips. Water washes eliminate dirt and residue without soap, which can aggravate dryness. If you'd like to use a cleanser each time, ensure you're using the best products for double cleansing, according to your skin type.

What to know about using Vaseline to remove makeup

Vaseline can be highly beneficial for your skin, but there are a couple of negatives to note. For starters, you should avoid it getting inside of your eyes when removing makeup. Its chemical composition can cause temporary irritation or blurry vision, and while these may not warrant a visit to the doctor, they could cause discomfort.

You should also be careful when using Vaseline if you have acne-prone skin. When using Vaseline to remove your makeup, double-cleanse with a mild cleanser to remove any residue from your face. Vaseline can be greasy, despite its non-comedogenic properties.

Nonetheless, the American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends Vaseline to relieve dry skin and even treat diaper rashes. If you aren't using Vaseline instead of makeup wipes, you can easily get started. Few other makeup removers offer soothing, moisturizing, and healing benefits at such an affordable rate.