How To Update Your Quiet Luxury Wardrobe For Summer 2023

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Quiet luxury, the phenomenon also known by the term "old-money style," is slowly taking over the world of fashion. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's the minimalist wardrobe aesthetic of the ultra-rich that consists of grotesquely expensive basic pieces (we're talking thousands of dollars for an overshirt jacket) that don't have an obvious logo or a flashy look.

The color palette includes mostly neutral shades, and the materials in question are impeccable, hence the price tag. Silk, cashmere, and wool are most prevalent, with no designer markers in sight. For example, you won't see quiet luxury aficionados sporting the latest trendy bag or boots, no matter the cost. The point is not to obviously flash their wealth, but IYKYK.

Old-money style has recently gained traction on social media thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow's quiet luxury fashion choices at her March trial (just the notebook she carried costs more than 300 dollars), as well as the hit HBO show "Succession" and Sofia Richie Grainge's wedding looks. If you're looking to step into the quiet luxury trend but don't have thousands of dollars to spend on an everyday piece of clothing, there are ways to update your wardrobe this summer to align with the aesthetic regardless of your cash flow.

Quiet luxury aesthetic explained

Before embarking on a quest to find pieces that exude old-money style, it's important to note the dos and don'ts of the aesthetic. If you want to hop on this trend, you're going to have to let other fashion fads be. That means no vivid colors, no matter how trendy they are, and no obvious displays of designer markings.

"To the keen fashion eye, [the quiet luxury aesthetic] screams 'I spent X amount of money on this item without the logo'," fashion stylist Ashley Afriyie explained in a conversation with Byrdie. The old-money style is not about showing off what you have; it's about the quality of the pieces.

While the sky-high price tags aren't what most people can afford, the aesthetic is approachable regardless. The almost-understated looks can be achieved by focusing on tailored cuts and high-quality fabrics. For the summer, you're most likely not going to be wearing wool and cashmere, but silk, linen, and summer knits are fabulous warm-weather staple fabrics. Neutral shades like black, white, and ecru will give off luxurious vibes on their own, and when paired with timeless gold and pearl jewelry pieces, you're about to turn some old-money heads.

Look for these pieces to nail the quiet luxury trend this summer

While it may sound contradictory, the quiet luxury trend isn't necessarily expensive — luckily for us. However, you may have to set aside just a little bit extra for those higher-quality materials like silk and real leather, but spending a bit more to get a piece you know is going to last you for a long time is an investment.

Elevated essentials are key to nailing the quiet luxury aesthetic. A plain white T-shirt paired with suit trousers and loafers will be your new favorite summer look this year. Opt for a budget-friendly option and head to Amazon for this crew neck T-shirt you'll want to live in all summer long. For those headed to the beach, one-piece bathing suits are the style to rock, and this Everlane square-neck one-piece in black couldn't be more perfect. Add these oversized round-frame sunglasses by Chloé and some family heirloom jewelry if possible to round off the luxe beach look.

Linen pieces like dresses, vests, and suits are a must. The clean, tailored cuts in neutral shades will have you ready for any day or night event in high-class style, and the only thing you'll have to worry about is keeping the linen outfits wrinkle-free. This Banana Republic linen cutout dress will do the job for just under 200 dollars. Pair it with a leather slide like the Yoanna Bow Mule Flat from Reformation and Mango's double-handle shopper bag to channel old-money vibes without breaking the bank. Remember, less is more.