The Viral 'Sticky Method' That'll Help You Cover Breakouts In A Breeze

Covering breakouts is one of the benefits of wearing makeup, but oftentimes, concealers have a way of fading through the day which invariably means your blemishes don't stay effectively covered all day long. There's nothing worse than going through your day's routine trusting your makeup to do its job and finding, when you finally look in a mirror, that your breakouts are starting to show under it all.  

This is why the clever way to cover a scar with makeup could use the help of the "sticky method" shared by makeup enthusiast Mikayla Nogueira on TikTok. The viral trend, which had other beauty enthusiasts try out and showcase the hack on their own personal TikTok accounts, allows you to "make these [acne] look like they don't even exist on the face," according to Nogueira. "It's called a 'sticky method' because our face is about to get really sticky," added the influencer. 

You start off by applying a sticky serum of your choice on the face. The point is to go for "any serum that leaves the face feeling a little bit tacky after it's applied," according to the beauty blogger, who herself was seen using the Glow Recipe Plump Plump Hyaluronic Serum. Letting the serum dry is the next step. 

Go in with a sticky primer next

In her TikTok, Mikayla Nogueira then applied the e.l.f Power Grip Primer. "This is a very sticky gripping primer that grips makeup to the skin," she shared while applying the stuff on her face. There are plenty of other grippy primers you can choose from out there. 

Once you have the tacky surface you want for this viral method to work, you go in with your concealer. Using a concealer brush, apply the matte substance "right on top of your blemish," shared Nogueira. "We're going to do this for the entire face where it's needed." An important next step is allowing the concealer to dry, added the TikTok influencer. "That's why a matte concealer is going to be the best option because it's going to have a higher chance of drying down," she explained. The regular makeup step you skip is blending the concealer. The point is to leave the coating as undisturbed as possible on top of your breakout areas. 

After waiting for about five minutes, it's time for foundation. Nogueira used a sponge (instead of a brush) for this process because there's a lesser chance of the dried-up concealer being disrupted this way. "Apply your foundation as usual. A medium to full coverage is probably best with this method," finished Nogueira. According to makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (via Allure), this viral hack is, "a more reliable way to keep that heavy coverage in place rather than spreading the concealer around."

Less is more with the 'sticky method'

Jamie Greenberg told Allure that, while the sticky method "makes total sense," it is important to remember less is more when trying this viral trend at home, especially if you want to avoid a cakey finish. "You think you need a lot of concealer but you don't; you can always layer if you really want more coverage, but start light," she advised. 

Acne can have a devastating effect on people's confidence and covering the blemishes, even for a few hours of the day, can bring much-needed relief for those who battle with constant breakouts. But according to Lousiana-based board-certified dermatologist Mamina Turegano (via Allure), it's best to treat the cause in the long run than relying on makeup-based covering methods. Especially since some primers and concealers can end up worsening the skin condition. "There are definitely primers and foundations out that there are less likely to clog pores. But if you have acne, I would rely less on this method and work more on treating the acne," she explained. You will be better off understanding the different types of acne breakouts and what's causing them instead of surface-level tricks with makeup. 

The sticky method is great for those nights out with friends when you want to cover a blemish in a breeze before you head out the door, but the viral hack may not be something you should turn to as a daily beauty practice.