Bronde Rose: The Hair Color Trend That'll Have Brunettes Seeing Through Rose-Colored Glasses

The stunning rose gold hair trend has been a very popular one, but if you are a brunette trying to get rose gold locks, you must bleach your hair first to achieve the light pink hue. Bleaching your full head of hair has its pitfalls, as it can cost a lot and cause damage to your hair.

If you still want a Barbiecore hairstyle that is totally on trend, but want to try something other than the light rose gold look, there are other options. One hair color trend to try is bronde rose. "Bronde" describes a hair color that is a combination of brown and blonde. For brunettes wanting to go bronde, blonde highlights are added to their hair. Besides looking very natural, a major benefit of bronde hair is that it is easier to maintain than going fully blonde or platinum.

The bronde rose hair color elevates bronde hair even further, giving it a fun, rosy twist.

How to get the bronde rose look

To achieve the bronde rose look, your hair stylist will first lighten the sections of hair that you will want highlighted in rose with standard blonde highlights. The beauty and haircare brand Wella recommends that hair stylists add the highlights using the balayage technique, where they are painted on by hand and look more natural than techniques that use foils. After the highlights have been added, your hair stylist will paint over those sections with rose hair dye or toner. 

Bronde rose hair is versatile, because you can decide how noticeable you want the rose highlights to be. You can do a lighter pink, a darker pinkish-red, or anything in between. While discussing bronde rose hair with PureWow, hair stylist and educator Guy Tang says that shades of rose "[blend] perfectly with any natural shade" of brunette hair. Tang adds that your hair stylist can help you choose the right rosy shade for you if you are not sure what to go for.

You can customize your bronde rose hairstyle based on your preferences

When choosing to go for a bronde rose hairstyle, you can also play around with multiple shades of pink dye to get the exact look you want. For example, you can ask your hair stylist to incorporate some lighter peach-colored highlights or darker wine-colored ones along with a standard shade of rose.

In addition to customizing the rose shade, you can also decide how much of your hair that you want highlighted. You can stick with balayage, or go for an ombré style for a fun, dynamic gradient effect. You can choose to add a little extra blonde to your bronde rose hairstyle by keeping the top of your head darker brunette and making the bottom half a mix of blonde and pink.

If you're a brunette and want to try a new hair color, bronde rose hair is a great trend to consider. However, be sure that you understand how routinely getting your hair colored affects hair growth before you commit to getting it dyed often.