How Will King Charles' Trooping The Colour Differ From Queen Elizabeth's?

Trooping the Colour is perhaps less well-known than other British royal events like jubilees, weddings, and the daily changing of the guards. However, it is still quite the spectacle. 

Like most royal happenings, Trooping the Colour is steeped in tradition. It refers to the colors of the flag and colors worn by military units to differentiate enemies from allies. To know one's colors, troops marched with the flags often, hence the word "trooping." The duties of guards in the British army to protect the king or queen are what associated the practice with the monarch. In 1748, Trooping the Colour became part of birthday festivities for the monarch. This was during the reign of King George II.

For 70 years, Trooping the Colour celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's birthday, as she reigned as queen for that astonishing time span. Now with her son King Charles III officially crowned as her successor, the public is eager to see if the event will be different than in years past.

Trooping the Colour will see royal family members with their new titles

The Trooping the Colour for King Charles III's birthday is on June 17, 2023. His actual birthday is November 14, but like his mother and multiple monarchs before him, he will essentially have two birthdays due to the Trooping the Colour, which always takes place in June. This scheduling quirk exists because King George II's birthday was also in November, but he did not want November weather to put a damper on his celebration, and this June tradition is not changing with the new reign. However, the ceremony will reflect the changes that have occurred in the royal family's military roles and titles.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II shifted the roles of more than just her son as he became king. Prince William will move into one of King Charles' former roles, which was Colonel of the Welsh Guards, while Princess Kate will move to Prince William's role as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Queen Camilla has taken on Prince Andrew's roles

Another shake-up in the royal family titles occurred not because of Queen Elizabeth II's death, but because of a legal scandal. Just months before Queen Elizabeth II died, she took away her son Prince Andrew's titles after Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre accused the prince of sexual assault. One of these titles was Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. These guards have a lengthy and prestigious history, but they are best known for their red uniforms and black fur hats. Many are stationed outside of Buckingham Palace. The prince used to appear alongside the guards in the Trooping the Colour, but the now Queen Camilla will take over this title. 

As Colonel of the Irish Guards, Prince William rode on horseback in previous Trooping the Colour parades, as the Irish guards carry a regimental flag. However, Princess Kate will be in a carriage for this year's celebration, as will Queen Camilla. King Charles III and Prince William will still ride on horseback this year as they have done in years prior (per Evening Standard). Thousands gather to watch the 2023 Trooping the Colour along The Mall in London each year to catch a glimpse of the royals and to celebrate with them, and King Charles III's inaugural event will undoubtedly be a thrill to see.