The Celebrity Interaction That Ended Keira Knightley's Brief Time On Twitter

Social media is usually and ironically anything but social. From rampant cyberbullying to trolling to bots commenting under every post trying to scam you, it does sometimes get a bit too much to handle. As much as it is overwhelming for us normal folk, it can get even more so for people with more status like celebrities. A lot of celebrities have social media because having followers is sort of like marketing currency nowadays, but a lot of them also don't. Many famous people prefer to steer clear of the horrors and rigors of sites like Instagram and Twitter for their sanity and we don't blame them. Keira Knightley is definitely a member of the anti-social media brigade, but the reason why is absolutely hilarious.

Twitter isn't for everyone and that's a fact. There are so many think-pieces and negative information being shared at an alarmingly rapid rate that it can mess with your head if you're not careful. When it comes to Knightley, she's sworn off of the bird app due to a celebrity interaction she wasn't prepared for and it's almost comical.

Keira's fake page was uncovered after a celebrity follow

Keira Knightley is a generally unproblematic celeb who doesn't hanker for attention which is impressive when you consider all the hit movies she's starred in. You'd think she's used to the limelight and could handle "The Valley of Trolls and Memes No Boomer Understands," aka Twitter, but after a seemingly harmless celebrity interaction, she fled with her tail in between her legs.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" heartthrob admitted during an episode of "The Jonathan Ross Show" that she didn't even spend up to one day on the app before calling it quits. "I did actually join Twitter for about 12 hours because I tried to be down with the kids and it just creeped me out." Knightley also confirmed that a fellow actor's follow had put her on the social media map, which spooked her. "I didn't post anything and I was under a false name and I think because Chloƫ [Grace Moretz] followed me, suddenly all these people started following me and posting, 'I'm having a cup of tea now,' and I just got completely freaked out." When it comes to the heightened attention that comes with fame, the actor revealed in an earlier interview with Ross in 2007 that she "do[esn't] deal with it very well."

It sounds like Knightley got her burner account outed and couldn't withstand the attention that ensued, almost like a cute little kitten hearing thunder for the first time and promptly scurrying to find shelter.

The star talks herself out of social media temptation

Despite the yearning that comes with uploading pictures of daily activities and interacting with fans, Keira Knightley maintains that she can very well do without social media for good. The "Pride and Prejudice" star told People that so far, she has had moments of hesitation about posting things on social media, but then later decided that it was best not to.

According to the A-lister, what cemented her steering clear of being chronically online for her was her friends complaining about how social media made them sad. "Obviously most of my friends are on it and all they ever talk about is how depressed it's making them," Knightley shared with People. "So then I'm like, 'Oh, I'm definitely not going to do that then.'"

She has also made peace with the fact that her two daughters may join social networks in the future. However, just like the rest of us, the star is worried about having to live up to the strenuous perfectionism that comes with social media consumption and is determined not to go down that path.