Who Is Angelina Jolie's Rumored New Billionaire Flame, David Mayer De Rothschild?

Angelina Jolie's best-known flame is probably her ex-husband Brad Pitt. The former Hollywood "it" couple dated for over a decade before marrying. While their marriage lasted only two years, their 12-year romance resulted in six children, so it's safe to say the pair will have to have some sort of contact with one another for the foreseeable future. However, that doesn't stop them from pursuing new romantic interests.

Like Jolie's rumored new beau, David Mayer de Rothschild. If you feel like his name sounds familiar, that's because the billionaire is part of one of the wealthiest families in the world. Of course, Jolie's net worth (an estimated $120 million) is nothing to sneeze at either, and we're doubtful she's dating him just for his status. The long-haired-eco-warrior is not only handsome, in a rugged sort of way, but likely shares many of the same interests and sustainability concerns as Jolie.

Heir to the Rothschild fortune

Angelina Jolie was photographed at a three-hour lunch date with David Mayer de Rothschild in Malibu in March 2023. Whether the hunky billionaire and "Maleficent" star are romantically entangled or were simply meeting for business hasn't been confirmed. Still, it appeared they were both very much enjoying themselves.

Rothschild is the youngest son of Evelyn de Rothschild and Victoria Lou Schott, the matriarch and patriarch of the innumerably wealthy Rothschild family dating back to the 1760s. David's father was even a financial advisor to the late Queen Elizabeth II, as the family's primary business is financing and banking. Early on, the youngest Rothschild turned his attention away from amassing a fortune and instead focused on investing in the Earth's future, pursuing environmental projects worldwide. It's a passion Jolie shares as a fellow conservationist , humanitarian activist, and lover of eco-friendly business ventures. Proof that you can't take the capitalist out of a Rothschild though, David has founded Myoo Agency, a marketing firm for businesses interested in sustainability and a lifestyle brand selling products crafted from recyclable materials.

Outside of his companies, he regularly gives talks and presentations on eco-consciousness and recycling through his various foundations and earned the United Nations Environment Programme's Climate Hero acknowledgment. Jolie tends to focus on humanitarian aid and refugee care, but their interests and missions are closely linked. This may be why the duo never ran out of anything to discuss at lunch.

A fellow Hollywood resident

A desire to save the planet and its people isn't the only thing Angelina Jolie and David Mayer de Rothschild have in common — Rothschild is a film producer, music merchandiser, and television host (seriously, what can't this man do?). Before age 20, Rothschild launched his music company, Click 'n' Create. Then, he progressed to creating documentaries highlighting his interests in climate activism, such as "Playground," while starring as the host of environmental series like "After Antarctica." The world-traveling hunk has even written children's books — with an eco-friendly message, of course.

There's just one catch — Rothschild has been married since 2010. The billionaire wed Ukrainian actress Karina Deyko in a quaint ceremony, and since then, both have kept their private life, well, private. Deyko is best known for her smaller supporting roles in films like "Hitchcock." None of the parties involved have commented on whether or not Rothschild's lunch date with an actor besides his wife was romantic or work-related.

Jolie hasn't had a serious relationship since her split with Brad Pitt. Though their divorce still isn't final, rumors about potential flames have followed the "Tomb Raider" actor, though, such as after her recent coffee date with Paul Mescal or numerous dinners with The Weeknd. In every circumstance, Jolie has looked plenty flirty and talkative with her companions. Still, after they've finished dining, mum's the word. We'll have to wait and see whether Rothschild and Jolie's lunch leads to more — business-related or otherwise.