Give Dated Embroidered Dresses A Break And Trade Them Out For A Trendy Alternative

When it comes to dresses, everyone has a different preference and idea of what looks good on them. One of the most classic dress designs is embroidered dresses. While this style can definitely look cute, it can also appear very outdated depending on the print you go for. Plus, although embroidered dresses are key to achieving the cottagecore aesthetic, not everyone wants to look like they're about to frolic in a field.

Instead of reaching for an embroidered dress, go for an alternative like a cutout dress. Though you may think of cutout dresses as something you'd wear to the club or out for drinks, not for everyday wear, there are plenty of cotton or linen dresses with cutouts that will keep you looking casual while being a little different.

We're not saying to throw out all of your embroidered dresses, but if you're looking to add a few things to your wardrobe, a cutout dress could be what you're looking for. Here are a few of our best cutout dress picks and how to style them.

A cutout dress can be styled in many different ways

If you're worried about pulling off the cutout trend, start simple. A cutout dress paired with sneakers is a great way to dress the style down. Sneakers will also make a cutout dress more suited to your personal style if you're not a fan of heels.

Alternatively, if you do like wearing heels, keep the design of them simple. A lot of cutout dresses are midi or maxi length. Choosing minimal shoes will help to keep the focus on your dress and also stop you from looking visually shorter due to your legs being covered. Of course, sandals will go with any style of cutout dress, whether the vibe is formal or casual. We recommend choosing some that have a metallic finish.

Next, colors. If you're planning to wear your cutout dress on vacation, neutral colors like white will go with everything, or go for a red cutout dress for a slightly sexy vibe. Moreover, embroidery may be out, but prints definitely aren't. A dress with a striking print is perfect for making a statement — just make sure it only has one or two cutouts, as a dress with too many elements will look busy.

These dresses have your back for every occasion

Looking to find the perfect cutout dress for you?

This crisp white cutout pencil midi dress from ASOS is perfect for afternoon events that require a formal dress code thanks to its front cutouts that don't show too much — you can wear it with heels or sandals. Need a dress for an evening event? Leave behind that dress with the fussy embroidery and opt for this sleek black satin maxi dress from 4th & Reckless. Featuring a cutout just under the bust area and another small one around the midriff area, its flattering maxi cut is practically made to be paired with heels.

As mentioned before, cutout dresses aren't just for semi-formal and formal events. This chic and summery cutout dress from Mango is made from a linen blend that will keep you nice and cool on hot days. It has a cutout on either side of the center section and comes in either a pink and white flowery print or a vivid green color. Finally, if you're looking for something shorter, this gorgeous mini dress from & Other Stories has a center cutout and is available in white, black, or a blue tie-dye print.