How To Pull Off The Cutout Trend

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Whether it is a cold-shoulder or an "oblique peek," cutouts are a hot trend right now, per Vogue. According to Vogue, the trend allows you to show skin in a more subtle way, compared to deep necklines or backless looks. Vogue recommends finding solid, bright colored pieces that have cutouts in them as the negative space can help add zest, without overwhelming the eye. There are also several different types of cutouts. So whether you want a subtle show of decolletage or a daring flash of your abs, there are all sorts of options available now on clothing racks. Designers are incorporating crescent-moon cutouts above the bustline, underarm cutouts, side holes down the seam, and triangle cut-outs at the obliques for their Fall 2021 styles (via Refinery29). According to L'Officiel, this is because the trend is shifting away from the comfortable clothing that became popular during the pandemic and toward statement-making pieces that exude confidence and body positivity.

Keep it simple when wearing cutouts

The key to wearing this trend is to keep it simple. Designer Carlie Cushnie told Glamour, "Focus on one area ... if you've got a low neckline or a side cutout, tone down the rest. At the end of the day, just feel confident in it. It's the worst to have a woman fidget and feel like she needs to hide something. Just be confident and comfortable." If your top has cutouts, pair the top with jeans or a skirt. If your pants have cutouts, try pairing it with a tucked-in t-shirt or crop top. Jumpsuits and dresses are also stylish ways to wear cutouts. Tel Aviv Couture recommends blazers with cutouts, paired with a printed top as a way to add pizazz to an office staple. "Don't do it all. If you're going to show some skin up top, make sure the length [is longer]. You don't want to have everything and the kitchen sink. It's about balance," designer Michelle Ochs told Glamour. 

Use cutouts to accentuate your best features

For those who want to try the cutout trend, but are still a little unsure of how to pull it off, think of the part of your body you want to highlight and look for cutouts in those areas. If you have been lifting weights, a cold-shoulder would definitely emphasize those sculpted deltoids. On the other hand, if you have been doing torso twists, an outfit with side cutouts would show off those chiseled obliques. Tops with under-bust cutouts can highlight curves, according to Today. One controversial cutout trend that took off last year is still trending now — armpit cutouts (via Vice). While it may be one of the more eclectic cutout looks, the style resembles a halter top while covering the arms and can visually create a slimming effect. And if anything, armpit cutouts may even serve as functional fashion now that it's summer.