How Bentonite Clay Can Benefit Your Skin

When you think of clay, pottery and artwork probably come to mind first. However, there is so much more to clay than making cool, colorful shapes. A common type of absorbent clay is bentonite, made from volcanic ash. Used by various cultures around the world, bentonite has proven its worth due to its versatility. In some countries, bentonite is ingested as a solid or even as a liquid drink to cleanse the digestive tract, promote bowel movements, and cease diarrhea and bowel infections.

Bentonite has made its mark on the beauty industry as well, commonly as an ingredient in face masks, body scrubs, and even hair products. You might be curious as to why ordinary clay is getting so much attention. If you're thinking of trying it out for yourself to understand the hype but don't know where to begin, then you can start by knowing the benefits bentonite contributes to the skin.

Bentonite clay is a great detoxifying agent for your skin

Bentonite clay is a revered asset for skin health. Board-certified dermatologist and creator of Dermy Doc Box Fatima Fahs told Byrdie, "It's been used for centuries as a traditional medicine for detoxification, because it contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron." It is also used as a natural skin exfoliant. If you notice that you have buildup on your skin, a quick and easy way to fix it is by using bentonite. You can use it through a body scrub or as-is by adding a bit of water to form a thick paste. Don't make it too thin or else you won't get the full exfoliating experience.

Bentonite is widely used because it absorbs toxins from the skin when activated with water. Bentonite clay is available at spas as mud baths that you can immerse your body into and as clay masks which can do a lot to improve your skin. Also, if you suffer from acne, then you're in luck. According to Medical News Today, bentonite clay's absorbent properties don't just stop at toxins. It has been shown to absorb oil as well, which is a causative factor of acne-prone skin. The benefit of detoxifying your skin is an added bonus if you have acne.

Additional benefits of bentonite clay

Board-certified dermatologist Brooke Grant Jeffy told Byrdie, "[T]he minerals found in this clay may help protect the skin from UV-induced free radical damage that contributes to an aged appearance." This is a huge thumbs up if you're looking to control the formation of wrinkles and aging spots. Additionally, there are reports that bentonite clay works great when included in sunscreen formulas, helping the waterproof characteristic. Sunscreens that contain bentonite clay also reportedly absorb UV light better than those without it.

As good as it sounds, bentonite is not for everyone. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin, then bentonite might not be up your alley as it can lead to even more dryness. If you're considering buying bentonite clay for home use, do your research to make sure you're getting pure clay that doesn't contain impurities. Bentonite clay is usually available in Aztec clay masks

With its multitude of advantages, bentonite clay is an underrated tool when it comes to skin health and maintenance. Its natural properties make it so that even people with sensitive skin can use it with little to no fear of allergic reactions. However, you still need to conduct a patch test to be sure that it's safe for you.