Frogmore Cottage Is Still A Home Away From Home For Prince Harry Despite Eviction

It has become common knowledge that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been asked to fully vacate their former British home, Frogmore Cottage, since the two have long since stepped down from royal duties and now live full-time in the United States. It has further been claimed by sources close to the royal family that Harry and Meghan are expected to have the last of their personal things out of the house by the end of this summer, making it available for someone else to move in (via Express). And who King Charles III is reportedly eyeing to be the potential new resident of Frogmore is none other than his disgraced younger brother, Prince Andrew.  

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have been sharing the much larger, grander home called the Royal Lodge for over two decades now, but in light of Andrew being stripped of his military titles, his royal patronages, and his ability to use the royal title of His Royal Highness in an official manner after settling a civil suit that alleged Andrew sexually assaulted a then-underade Virginia Giuffre, The King is reportedly asking Andrew to evict his grand home. It has been suggested that Frogmore is where Charles would like to put his younger brother once Harry and Meghan have moved out (via Insider).

All of this royal housing drama might leave us assuming that Harry no longer uses Frogmore Cottage, but as it turns out, that isn't the case.      

Harry just spent three nights at Frogmore Cottage

After celebrating the second birthday of his daughter Princess Lilibet at home in California with Meghan and Prince Archie on June 4, Prince Harry flew to the U.K. for a very brief visit, albeit, not quite as brief as his May visit to witness the coronation of his father, King Charles III (via Express). While he reportedly did not see either his father or his older brother, William Prince of Wales, Harry did stay at his former home for the duration of his three-day visit: Frogmore Cottage.

Harry and Meghan have used Frogmore as a home base of sorts when visiting the U.K. since their move across the pond, including during events like last year's Platinum Jubilee, so this isn't out of the realm of normal for the couple. That said, it is likely that their ability to keep staying at Frogmore Cottage during visits to England comes with an expiration date, especially since The King reportedly has other plans for the residence.