Why Sister Wives' Kody Brown Won't Look For Another Wife

With the demise of three of his four marriages, polygamist Kody Brown is currently down to having just one wife, Robyn. However, he is not thought to be on the prowl to add to his family. Naturally, there is ongoing speculation that the "Sister Wives" star will take another wife or two since he claims that he entered a polygamist lifestyle because he firmly believed it would get him to heaven according to his religion and membership in the Mormon fundamentalist group, Apostolic United Brethren.

There is also the idea that if he is monogamous, the show may not keep going, and thus, his already taxed finances will have the potential to plummet. There have been rumors that Brown was seen courting a woman when he was photographed in Las Vegas walking with his wife, Robyn, and another unidentified blonde woman (via The Sun). Fans of the show asked who that woman was on social media sites. 

However, according to his daughter, Mykelti Brown-Padron, Brown is not looking to take another wife, or possibly ever, and it apparently has to do with a change in his religious practices.

Mykelti explains why Kody will not marry again

Mykelti Brown-Padron, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, says that she doesn't think her father will look for another wife or get married again for one simple reason. In a video on her Patreon page, she said she believes he only lived a polygamist life to fulfill his religious tenets, as per Starcasm, and he won't take another wife.

"Part of that is because my dad and my moms aren't really part of the religion anymore either," said Brown-Padron. "The religion we grew up with, the Apostolic United Brethren, where the polygamy base of faith and Mormonism kind of came from." Though members are supposed to lead a polygamist lifestyle, Brown is no longer a practicing polygamist, and neither is Brown-Padron's mom, ex-wife Christine. "They're not active in the church, and they're not active in that religion or their beliefs in that church."

Brown-Padron's husband, Antonio "Tony" Padron, chimed in, "I doubt it, heavily. — like, super doubt it — like I'm pretty 100% sure that's a no."

Mykelti and Tony are monogamous

Like the rest of the adult kids who refuse to continue polygamy, Mykelti Brown-Padron has chosen not to follow in her parent's footsteps and live a polygamist life. She and her husband, Tony, were married in December 2016 (via Us Weekly). Though they dated for just over a year, and the parents were surprised by their sudden plans to marry, the young couple created a happy and stable family.

In April 2021, Brown-Padron gave birth to their first daughter Avalon. The new mom shared a photo on Instagram captioned, "Basically the cutest ever ...  only extremely obsessed with my Avalon Asa gorgeous and full of life."

A little later, the couple announced they were pregnant with twins. Brown-Padron gave birth to Archer and Ace in November 2022. Since she has stayed close to her father's last remaining wife, Robyn Brown, both her biological mom Christine and her father's current wife, Robyn, were present for the twins' birth.