Meghan McCain Issues Dire Warning About Donald Trump's Federal Indictment

Meghan McCain hasn't been the biggest Donald Trump fan over the years. Per CNN, the leading candidate for the GOP has made some withering comments against her late father John McCain. The January 6 storming of the Capitol also firmly placed him on her bad side, with the former co-host for "The View" calling for him to face legal ramifications for his involvement on that day (via Newsweek). Now with Trump becoming the first U.S. president to be indicted, the political commentator is sharing her thoughts on what this means for the nation, but it isn't a direct denunciation against Trump himself. It's a dire warning for what's to come. 

In a piece written for The Daily Mail, McCain tells Americans that there are two outcomes to the news of Trump's second indictment, and one of them is terrifying enough to send chills down your spine. She believes that the U.S. is facing a colossal decision, and ultimately, it's up to the Department of Justice to decide which way the country goes. 

In one direction, there's a unified country ready to condemn Trump, who is facing federal charges for misusing classified documents. In the other direction, the chasm between Republicans and Democrats will be further widened, and it's a division McCain fears will be hard to mend.

Without irrefutable evidence, McCain warns the nation will be ripped apart

The seriousness of Donald Trump's seismic indictment is underlined by Meghan McCain's comparison of the event to 9/11, January 6, and Richard Nixon's drama-ridden resignment. During those historical moments, McCain notes that the nation was able to erase party lines and come together for the good of the country. "Republicans joined with Democrats to force Nixon from office. Patriotism surged after 9/11," she wrote. "No serious person condoned the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol."

McCain labels Trump's indictment as yet another defining moment for the United States, one with serious consequences if not handled accordingly. She warns that unless the Department of Justice presents undeniable evidence that the former president has committed a serious crime, "there may be no coming back" for the country.

She goes on to call out the DOJ for adding to the division by clearing other politicians of the same crime, including President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Pence. Each of them was found to have illegally retained classified documents, according to HuffPost. Because of the break in pattern with Trump, McCain believes the nation will see the DOJ as "utterly broken." This weakens the impact and seriousness of Trump's indictment and, as McCain puts it, could very well cause a surge in support toward him.