Everything You Wanted To Know About Exosomes In Skin Care Products

With science and technology continuously on the up and up, there always seems to be new skin care ingredients. It is hard enough to decide between medical-grade skin care, all-natural homemade products, and whatever your favorite influencer is using. And when you can't pronounce the active ingredient's name, it all blurs into a mystery. However, exosomes (ex-oh-zomes) are a multifaceted skin care component you will want to see in your products.

It is an anti-aging ingredient we already have lurking in our bodies, much like hyaluronic acid. Exosomes are found in the skin tissue and body fluids. The same renewing and reparative properties as stem cells are associated with exosomes. Research proving the effects of exosomes is ongoing and promising. Doctors and scientists are endorsing them in skin care products and post-cosmetic treatments. So, if you undergo micro-needling or simply want healthy and younger-looking skin, add exosomes to your vocabulary.

Benefits of exosomes

Exosomes are a delivery system that sends nutrients, fats, and protein to your cells. Through this process, they can stimulate cell growth and skin repair. "It's essentially a message from one cell to another," Dr. Atta Behfar told New Beauty. "We've established a way to derive exosomes from human platelets as a resource for tissue regeneration, including for use in aesthetic applications, such as hair loss and facial wrinkles."

The signals exosomes send cells work against fine lines and hyperpigmentation while restoring your youthful glow. According to a 2021 research study, exosomes can form new blood vessels, synthesize collagen, and control inflammation. More vascular structures promote wound healing and help fight the signs of aging skin. Collagen is the skin's best friend. It combats sagging and volume loss. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties are great for acne-prone skin.

If you want plump, youthful skin, you may benefit from exosomes. They can be found in products for your daily skin care routine and used within professional beauty treatments.

How to reap the benefits of exosomes

Exosomes are an investment. Cosmetic brand (plated) Skin Science has a daily serum and intense serum that cost $267 each. Both products are made with their trademark human platelet extract — aka exosomes. Applying either serum daily will protect your skin from environmental factors, reduce redness, even your skin tone, lighten dark spots, and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Dp Dermaceuticals's EXO-SKIN serum also uses ethically-sourced exosomes to renew and rejuvenate your skin for $299. DermAFirms's products are a little more affordable. Their RX Hydra Exosome Cleanser costs $45 and there is a version (RX Purifying AC Exosome Cleanser) great for acne-prone skin.

Apart from cosmetic lines, exosomes are a component of beauty treatments. Exosome therapy uses frozen exosomes that are applied topically post-procedures like laser resurfacing or micro-needling. Exosome therapy is always used in conjunction with another beauty treatment. It speeds up your recovery and increases the effectiveness of the skin-enhancing procedure. It is like the setting spray to your laser or micro-needling.