Warm Sunset Red Is The Hair Color That'll Have You Thinking Of Vibrant Summer Nights

Redheads are head-turners. There's no beating around the bush about that. It doesn't matter if your hair is naturally red or it came from a bottle, there's something striking and ethereal about red locks — not to mention that the color seems to add instant volume and define the facial features of the wearer. 

Usually considered the color of fall, red is definitely seeing more popularity during summer as well. While all reds have their definite place in the world of hair shades, Jacob Schmidt, color specialist and senior stylist at New York City's Sally Hershberger Nomad, told Pure Wow that warm sunset red is a hue to watch out for. "A warm sunset red is perfect for the summer, especially since it'll match those gorgeous sunsets at the beach all season long," he shared. 

When you think of the last sunset you witnessed, you probably can't pinpoint the exact colors you saw. Red may have been the star of the show but there were other shades that made the sunset equally pretty. This is what's likable about the warm sunset hue for hair color. If you want to add a bolder touch, you could go for a vibrant orange-red, and if you'd like to keep it toned down, there are always muted versions of the trend with which you can play around. Either way, it's one of the best colors you can wear during summer. Here are some different ways to get the look. 

Mix and match the colors of the sunset

One of the best ways to achieve the look is to combine two shades of red when coloring your hair — for example, tangerine red with a deeper hue. The end result would be a cascading combination of reds that'll make you think of the sunset every time you look in the mirror. Adding yellow tips to complement warm red tresses is another way to get the look. 

You know how sunsets are not always what they seem from a distance? The same can be said about this hair color. For those with darker tresses that want to try the hue out but not fully commit, you can opt to add some streaks. You'd have the illusion of warm red in your locks but also maintain your natural color for a seamless blend. Those will blond curls can try this too, perhaps switching it up with just sunset red ends instead.

You could also try incorporating all the colors of the sunset if you really want to be bold and vibrant this summer. This might take some precision work, but you'd be showing off the warm red while adding in elements of purple, yellow, and orange as well. For natural brunettes or those with existing red hair, it'll be a matter of refreshing the red pigment while adding in other sunset colors that'll blend in beautifully. 

How to care for your red hair

Red is a vibrant color and warm sunset red even more so, which means you have to reduce your shampoo days if you want to keep the high-maintenance hue bright throughout summer, according to Jacob Schmidt. Reach for dry shampoo in between washes and opt for cold water showers as hot water will fade the color out faster, per Byrdie.

A hair gloss treatment at the salon or even a hair glaze product you can use at home can work wonders when keeping the warm sunset hue as it should be through the season. "This treatment [hair gloss] adds noticeable shine to the hair, and can also dip into the cuticle to deposit color and prevent your newly-added hair dye from falling dull," stylist Steven Picciano shared with InStyle. 

As for when you do use regular shampoo, remember that color-treated hair is often dry, so you may want to choose shampoos free of sulfate and sodium chloride, according to pro colorist Richy Kandasamy (via Vogue). Nourishing hair masks can be added to your list of priorities when it comes to following the right way to take care of your red hair. And when you do start to see some fading or your roots showing, reach for natural red pigments you can find at home to keep the summer red alive. We're talking beet juice and carrot juice for touchups. Now you're ready to rock red locks and evoke summer sunsets any time.