Here's Why You Should Always Check The Fabric Blend Before Buying Loungewear

Perfect for weekends on the sofa or days spent running errands, you probably own at least one loungewear set. Whether your loungewear of choice is shorts and a tank top or you prefer sweatpants and a t-shirt, there's something to lounge in for everyone. However, there's more to loungewear than how it looks on the hanger.

Speaking to Marie Claire, Holly Shapiro, creative director of Splendid, shared her best tips for picking out your next loungewear set. "Shape is critical for looking put together and cozy. Bad-fitting lounge is the worst!" she said. Loungewear isn't just about aesthetics, though. Shapiro emphasized that "choosing the right fabrics for softness and recovery is so important." This basically means to always check the label so you know the fabric composition of an item — if you plan to wear your loungewear every day, you want it to not only look good but do its job of keeping you either warm or cool, too.

Try these tips for picking out loungewear so you feel comfy and look cute all day long.

These fabrics will ensure your loungewear is comfy

In summer, you should look for loungewear made from fabrics like jersey and cotton. Jersey, which is usually made from a cotton blend but sometimes from polyester, is a super popular choice for loungewear as it feels soft against the skin and can be made to be extra lightweight. This makes it a good option for items like tank tops and t-shirts. 

If you sweat easily, look for pieces made from 100% cotton. Breathable because of its natural fiber construction, cotton is a great alternative to synthetic fabrics like polyester. In general, you should avoid polyester when it comes to loungewear during warmer weather. Though not necessarily a bad thing during winter, polyester retains odors, meaning if you start to smell a little icky then your clothes will also smell like this. 

Finally, French terry is another relatively popular fabric choice for loungewear. Conveniently resistant to wrinkles, it's a good choice if you want to dress up your comfy clothes when out and about.

Stay warm with these loungewear fabrics

When it comes to winter, you'll want to look for different fabrics. Cotton may be breathable, but it isn't the best choice if you live in a cold climate. Instead, check the label for the following materials.

Though some types of French terry are a good choice for summer, French terry is best for winter lounging pieces if woven thickly thanks to its knit-like texture. If you live in a really cold area, reach for fleece-like fabrics instead. Cozy and warm, fleece will feel like a hug on a winter day. However, most fleece pieces are made from polyester, so keep this in mind if you don't want to overheat. 

If you really want to stay warm, wool loungewear will always win. Wool works by making sure your existing body heat is trapped within, unlike cooler fabrics like cotton which let your body heat out. In turn, this leads to you staying warm. If you find 100% wool pieces too itchy, search for merino or cashmere, both of which tend to be softer. Alternatively, look for a wool/cotton or wool/polyester mix.