Hallmark Stars Katie Cassidy And Stephen Huszar Take Their On-Screen Romance Off-Screen

In Hallmark's latest swoon-worthy festive romance, "A Royal Christmas Crush," Katie Cassidy plays Ava, a new employee at the Royal Ice Hotel who enjoys a "whirlwind romance" with Stephen Huszar's character, a dashing prince (via Hallmark). Although the movie doesn't premiere on the channel until July 8, 2023, it's safe to say that Cassidy and Huszar will likely have a lot of on-screen chemistry because they definitely have plenty of off-screen chemistry. 

As it turns out, the co-stars are dating in real life too. Cassidy and Huszar did hint at their romance with an Instagram post in early June featuring Cassidy giving her onscreen paramour a kiss on the cheek, but nothing was official until first People — and then the duo themselves — confirmed their relationship a week and a half later. The onscreen love interests turned real-life love story trope never gets old, and the details of this couple's romance are so adorable. 

Evidently, they've been vacationing together and certain family members have already been introduced. 

Things are going really well for the couple

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar are "very much in love," according to People. The outlet reported that the new couple enjoyed a trip to Europe and met up with Cassidy's family in Portugal before heading to Spain and France. The "Supernatural" star was excited to be back in Monaco, in particular, since that's where Cassidy filmed her 2011 movie "Monte Carlo" with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester back in the day. 

After news of their romance surfaced, Cassidy lightheartedly confirmed the relationship on Instagram the same day. She posted the above selfie of them sunbathing and looking super content together. "Welp," the actor wrote in her caption, "cats out of the bag... Happy Monday!" Likewise, in her flirty teaser post earlier in the month, Cassidy called Huszar "#PrinceCharming" and included the heart, heart eyes, and blowing-a-kiss emojis. 

The sweet sparks flying between these two co-stars is just another reason for Hallmark fans to get excited about "A Royal Christmas Crush."