Kevin Hart's Oldest Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Kevin Hart is known for his sold-out standup shows and hilarious movies. More than being a successful comedian and actor, though, Kevin is a loving dad of four kids. Having had two kids with his first wife Torrei Hart (Heaven and Hendrix), he later welcome two more kids (Kenzo and Kaori) with his second wife, Eniko Hart. Together, they're a big, happy family.

As the firstborn, Heaven is more like her famous dad than fans may have realized. While on a press tour for "The Secret Life of Pets 2," Kevin mentioned that he had inspired Heaven to join the entertainment industry and that she's constantly making him laugh. And while it's been some time since Kevin first started joking about his kids in his early standup days, Heaven is no longer a little girl. Now a young woman, it's time to get to know Heaven outside of her famous dad.

Heaven was a fan of her dad's family-friendly films

In 2019, Kevin Hart brought his family with him on the "Secret Life of Pets 2" red carpet. As an animated children's movie, it was the perfect occasion for Kevin to bring his children along. The family wore coordinating outfits with splashes of white, purple, and teal. Heaven Hart, who was 14 at the time, looked both casual and put-together with her white sweatshirt and joggers. 

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Kevin, who was promoting "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie," explained that his kids aren't always able to watch his work. "Unfortunately, a lot of my movies have a ton of profanity in them ... so having the opportunity to do something that's kid-friendly is always a plus," he revealed. Of the movies Heaven was allowed to watch, she was a fan. After watching the "Captain Underpants" movie, Kevin said Heaven told him, "You did good, dad. You did good."

Heaven blossomed into a young lady at homecoming

In 2019, Kevin Hart fans felt old when they realized Heaven Hart was old enough to go to her first high school homecoming. Eniko Hart shared a picture of Heaven in a green mini dress, looking beautiful and mature. To celebrate the evening, both Eniko and Torrei Hart gathered to get Heaven ready for her big night. 

While it's unknown if Heaven went with a date to homecoming, Kevin talked about his daughter's crushes two years earlier. "She actually talks to me, which makes me mad but I can't let her know that because she's comfortably with telling me. 'I think I like this guy, this boy. He's nice. He's cool. I just want you to know because I just want to tell you stuff,'" Kevin told E! News. Kevin went on to explain, "My mom had two boys. It was me and my brothers, so this is me dealing with a girl at a different level. ... I don't want to prohibit things, but she is a child, so you make sure she understands the parameters that she can and can't do."

Heaven Hart had an epic Sweet 16

One of the most significant moments in a young person's life is turning 16. In the United States, this is the age at which one can get a learner's permit or a driver's license. In July 2021, a few months after Heaven turned 16, Kevin shared a selfie of him sitting in the passenger seat as his daughter took the wheel. "My little girl is growing up," he captioned the photo.

As Entertainment Tonight reported, the comedian didn't gift his daughter an old beater for her birthday. Instead, he bought her a new Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, which retailed for $85,000 at the time. In addition to getting a splashy new car adorned with red bows, Heaven celebrated her Sweet 16 with an epic party to the theme of "My Hero Academia." Friends and family gathered to watch an outdoor movie and dine al fresco.

Heaven interned for her dad's production company

IIn 2021, Kevin told Access Online that Heaven had started interning for his production company, Hartbeat. "She's doing well, but she kind of stays away from me," he admitted. "She's focused, and she has relationships with people in the office, so the things that she wants to do, she's discussing with others," the comedian said.

Kevin went on to explain that he thinks he may be intimidating to his daughter at times, so she likes to be prepared before she comes to him with any ideas. On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Hart admitted that he'd given her a script to review, but he'd forgotten to read it himself. "We had a call about the script, and she was so dialed in. She had notes. She had thoughts. She had ideas. ... I didn't want her to know I didn't read the script yet, but I had no idea what she was talking about the whole time," he revealed.

Hart told the talk show host that he was so proud of Heaven. "My daughter asking me to learn the business and to truly, like, come up under my wing and grow was the biggest thing ever," Kevin gushed.

Heaven's 18th birthday left her dad wondering where the time went

In March 2023, Kevin Hart proved how fast time was going by sharing a photo of Heaven Hart as a little girl to celebrate her 18th birthday on social media. The photo was a young Heaven at a school assembly, smiling from ear to ear —all while missing her two front teeth, adorably. "And just like that my little girl is 18 ... wow ... Where does the time go?????" Kevin captioned the photo. "So proud and so happy to see you grow into the amazing woman that you are!!!!"

To celebrate Heaven becoming an adult, Heaven's mom, Torrei Hart, took her to get matching tattoos. In red ink, the mother-daughter duo have small hearts on their wrists — linking them to one another forever. Torrei documented the process on Instagram, along with a series of photos and videos from Heaven's 18th birthday party. Her big day also called for cake and a celebration with friends and family. It's clear as day that this young woman is loved beyond measure and has become a well-rounded young adult. 

Heaven was salutatorian of her graduating class

Proud Dad Kevin Hart shared how excited he was for Heaven's senior prom. In a May 2023 Instagram post, which featured his daughter in a stunning green gown, he wrote "I have no words ... just pure joy. My little girl looked unbelievable yesterday. Where does the time go..."

Later that month, Kevin Hart shared another important milestone in his family's life — Heaven had graduated from high school. For longtime fans, it's hard to believe the little girl Kevin used to joke about on stage was now a young adult. Heaven was the salutatorian, meaning she had the second-highest GPA of her graduating class.

As the salutatorian, Heaven was tasked with giving a speech. Her mother, Torrei Hart, shared a clip of Heaven's speech on Instagram. While Heaven admitted she was incredibly nervous, it was obvious she was Kevin's daughter by her comedic timing. She told the audience that she asked her parents for advice on what to say in her speech, and while her mother had something loving to share, her dad told her to go up to the microphone and scream, "We did it, bi–!" The audience erupted in giggles as it was very clear this young graduate had her father's sense of humor and comedic timing.

Heaven expressed interest in going to college in New York

What's next for Heaven Hart? Kevin Hart revealed in a heartfelt Instagram post that his niece Sanny was the first of the Harts to graduate college. "Now My little girl is heading in that same direction," he revealed.  While Hart didn't reveal what university she'd be attending, staying in Los Angeles may not be in the cards for her. 

Back in 2022, Kevin revealed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that Heaven wanted to leave the nest. "She's already talking about going to school somewhere else. She's way too excited about it," he said emotionally. Kevin went on to explain that Heaven was potentially looking at moving to New York City, but he was trying his best to get her to stay in Los Angeles by any means necessary. "I've been trying to manipulate her like, 'Maybe you need a place here in L.A. 'cause the schools here are just better," he joked. "'Maybe somewhere not that far so I can get to you.'"