Who Are Treat Williams' Children Gill And Elinor Williams?

The shocking and heartbreaking death of Hallmark's "Christmas House" star, Treat Williams, has rocked Hollywood. The 71-year-old's passing was confirmed on June 12 by the star's agent, Barry McPherson. "He was killed this afternoon. He was making a left or a right [on his motorcycle and] a car cut him off," McPherson told People. "I'm just devastated. He was the nicest guy. He was so talented."

The award-winning actor leaves behind quite a legacy when it comes to his career. But more importantly, he also leaves behind his wife, Pam Van Sant, and their two children, Gill and Ellie. The sudden nature of Treat's death is undoubtedly devastating to his family. Yet, it's sure to come as a comfort that his Twitter account paid constant homage to how much he adored his family and loved his full life. As folks look back on Treat's legendary career and incredible life, it's clear what made him the proudest: his two children.

Gill Williams is pursuing the arts just like his dad

If you recognize Treat Williams' son, Gill, it may be because he once acted with his father in 2015, or it may be because the family resemblance is uncanny. Treat and his wife, Pam Van Sant, had their son in December 1992. Gill was no stranger to red carpets and film and TV sets growing up, which set him up for a career in the arts. Back in 2015, Treat shared a family photo on Twitter, captioned, "My son graduated from NYU. My daughter is 16, my wife is the best, and at 63, I am content. Lucky."

Today, Gill is a 31-year-old musician and artist. He has shared a lot of his art on Instagram, and his proud dad was always quick to comment on his posts. In 2020, Treat told Smashing Interviews Magazine just how much he enjoyed having Gill home with him and his wife during the pandemic. "I think being on an old farm with land and able to get out and about every day makes it a lot easier... So I feel very blessed that we're in an environment that I love." That same year, Treat told Southern Living about how he always liked to have the Christmas season at home with his family. He explained that each year, "We go to a little, wonderful, vegetable market stand" to choose their Christmas tree. "And then my son and I, we put it up."

Ellie Williams always loved quality time with her dad

As for choosing the family Christmas tree, that important job always went to Treat Williams' daughter, Ellie, per Southern Living. Treat and Pam Van Sant's second child, Elinor "Ellie" Williams, was born in September 1998. The now 24-year-old graduated from The University of Vermont before making the move to Los Angeles. She and Treat both frequently shared posts of each other on social media, proving that they always made time for each other, despite their distance.

If it wasn't already clear how proud Treat was of his children, his tweet from May 14 –– just shy of a month before his passing –– says it all. He shared an old photo of him and his wife with their two children. He captioned it, "Happy Mother's Day Pam. You raised two extraordinary people. What a great mom you are. I am grateful." This year's holiday season is sure to be a bittersweet time of year for Treat's family since they'll be without the patriarch carrying out his favorite traditions. "All the decorations come out into the living room, [a] bottle of wine gets set down on the table, and we always put on the exact same album. It's Frank Sinatra's Jolly Christmas," Treat once said of his family's Christmas. Hopefully, his family can find joy in carrying out his traditions this year, playing Sinatra, and watching Treat star in the Hallmark holiday franchise, "The Christmas House," to keep his memory present.