Clear Mascara Is The Simple Essential For A No-Makeup Look

We are all for a no-makeup look, even if it does require a bit of product to pull off. Whether it's a your-nails-but-better manicure or a fresh-faced look, appearing like you're wearing little to no product is the perfect trend for summer. What could be better than heading to the beach looking effortlessly polished but also like you could dive in at any moment without worrying about ruining your makeup?

Thanks to tinted moisturizer and cheek stain, getting that "I woke up like this" look has never been easier. Unfortunately, the eye area can still pose a problem. What do you do about mascara? Mascara can seem like a godsend if you have short, fine, or unruly eyelashes that hate to hold a curl. However, bold black lashes that are obviously coated in product can seriously jeopardize your no-makeup look, especially if water or humidity causes the dreaded raccoon eye.

But there's a secret mascara formula that most people tend to sleep on, despite the fact that it's a game changer for your sans makeup routine –- clear mascara.

Why have I never heard of clear mascara?

You've probably seen (and maybe tried) it all; blue mascara, lash-boosting mascara, lengthening mascara. Clear mascara, however, might not be in your product rotation. Traditional mascara deposits both products (including polymers and waxes) and pigment. The product coats your lashes to help fill in any gaps, add volume, and build up the tips, adding length. Additionally, mascara is almost like gel or putty for your hair in that it can help your lashes hold a curl. Combining all mascara's features makes your lashes look longer and fuller and your eyes more open.

Clear mascara has many of these benefits, minus the pigment. It won't darken light lashes but can help them hold a curl, define each lash, and give them a slight dewy sheen. You can use an eyelash curler before applying the product, then sweep it on for instant lift and definition. You'll get to enjoy naturally glossy lashes without worrying about smudging or dripping. Because it's clear, no one will ever guess you're wearing mascara.

You don't have to stop there, though; clear mascara is seriously a secret weapon.

Other uses for clear mascara in your no-makeup look

Just as it can separate and define your lashes, clear mascara can work wonders for your brows. Use it to tame unruly hairs or brush your brows upwards for volume and structure. Clear mascara can provide a protective coating for extra staying power if you're using a brow pencil or pomade to darken your eyebrows.

There are even more hairs to be tamed by clear mascara. Manage your pesky flyaways with a spoolie coated in clear mascara. While it may not offer as much staying power as hair spray, a tube of clear mascara is ideal for carrying around in your bag, perfect for those stubborn hairs that pop up throughout the day.

If you do decide to amp up your no-makeup look, such as going out to dinner after a day spent poolside, your coat of clear mascara can come in handy once again. It's a great primer for traditional mascara. By applying it before your pigmented formula, you won't have to layer on as much product, meaning no more clumpy mascara that can make your lashes look chunky instead of full. However you decide to use it, clear mascara can come in clutch, making this invisible product worth a second look.