Angel Eyes - The Beauty Trend That Looks Like You Just Visited Heaven

The resurgence of Y2K style has inspired fashion and beauty lovers to create their own takes on the '90s and '00s. Whether it's pairing a cropped corset with baggy, low-rise jeans or opting for glowy skin and dark liner over the typical matte look, this classic style looks great with a modern touch.

It's now common for this era of fashion to get retouched for the new age, with internet lingo and trends transforming the looks we adored in childhood. From glittery eyes being dubbed "Euphoria makeup" to a liner around the lips revamped into lip contouring, reinvention is happening all the time. The newest Y2K trend to get this treatment? Frosted eyeshadow.

Typically created using pale blue eyeshadow, the look consists of bright, glitter shadow blended all over the lid, topped off with thinly-plucked brows and dark pencil liner. The look was a real departure from the dark, matte browns that had previously dominated. Shimmery and bright like fresh snow, the look gave a fun, youthful appearance to the face. Now, angel eyes are here for an ethereal take on the look.

What are angel eyes?

Coined by Joy Adenuga, makeup artist to "Queen Charlotte" star India Amarteifio, the look is shimmery and angelic, with a simple, radiant base that keeps the focus on the eyes. Although pale blue has been commonly used for frosted eyes in the past, other pastel colors or white can be used to get the look. "The classic 'angel' trend is to mostly use white, a color most people are not comfortable wearing," Adenuga says in an interview with PopSugar. "Another way you can nail the trend from home is by swapping the white for colored-yet-frosted shades such as bright lilacs, sky blue, mint green, and more."

To get the look, prime your eyes then pop a bit of white concealer onto the lids for an even base. Taking your transition shade, blend it into the crease with a fluffy brush. Next, go in with a shimmery white or silver shadow, such as the Makeup by Mario Master Crystal Reflector in Quartz. Dust it over the eyes, and don't be afraid to go past your crease. For the inner corner highlight, concentrate the glitter in the tear duct and finish off with a white liner to open up your eyes.

How to complete the angel eyes look

Back in the '90s and '00s, frosted eyeshadow was typically paired with a matte face and nude lips. For a modern twist on the look, opt for radiant skin, instead. Angel eyes can be dressed up or down — you can go for a full coverage look that rivals the eyes or tone it down to keep the eyes as the center of attention.

Prime your face with an illuminating primer and go in with your foundation or skin tint of choice. Using a damp beauty blender, tap the pigment all over your face for even coverage. For the cheeks, use a cream-based blush to accentuate the roundness of your cheeks. Dab some of the rosy pigment onto your nose and temples and blend.

On the lips, use a pink or brown shade that's slightly darker than your lip color and define your slips, gently rubbing them together to diffuse the liner. Finish it off with a shimmery, pink gloss and spritz on some setting spray.