Meghan McCain's Kids Won't Be Attending College In The Future - Here's Why

Columnist, author, and daughter of late Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain, often lets out her true feelings regarding various matters in her columns. One such opinion is her disdain for the state of college institutions today, so much so that she refuses to entertain the idea of sending her children to university, especially those she considers "woke." She claims the "woke" institutions support "anti-American, anti-free speech, anti-capitalist garbage and antisemitic hate speech," as she wrote in a column for the Daily Mail, adding, "Never. Ever. Over. My. Dead. Body." would she allow her children to attend.

In the column, McCain attributed the decline in university enrollment to universities teaching agendas rather than critical thinking skills. "Young Americans want to be taught a trade or a skill," she wrote. "Their parents want to know that their hard-earned dollars are going toward enriching their children's lives, not filling their heads with useless ideologies."

McCain continued on to reminisce on her experience at Columbia University, a time that she described as more accepting of her opinions and of her stance as a Republican. She wants that for her children but believes universities are no longer a place where that can happen.

Meghan McCain's examples of wokeness and pushback

Meghan McCain's column in the Daily Mail named examples of university professors misbehaving, a commencement speech she deemed as antisemitic, the University of Colorado's rules regarding misgendering people, and the University of Connecticut's anti-Black racism course to explain her views on the growing "woke" agenda spreading through colleges. She made it clear she does not want her children participating in a university that allows such occurrences.

McCain's words were met with pushback. Columnist for The Daily Beast, Kali Holloway, claimed in a column that McCain's words indicated that she was ironically pushing an agenda on how her children should think rather than letting them be exposed to different views and deciding what they believe for themselves. "Instead of allowing her kids to explore a world beyond their Republican roots," Holloway wrote, "McCain insists they have no exposure to ideas and ways of thinking that might let them decide for themselves how they see the world."

Thinking for the future

Early on in her column, Meghan McCain questioned those who decide to go to university. "After all, who in their right mind would willingly subject themselves or their loved ones to hateful, irrational, woke indoctrination?" she wrote. She has little hope that universities will change their views in the future.

Her children are young — she revealed that the youngest is still in diapers in the column. When she thinks of their future, college is not in it. "The way things are going in academia today – college is the last place I would pay for my kids to attend," she wrote. She went on the list the ways the cost of college is increasing, putting more strain on families, as well as the stress of tests scores and extracurricular activities the potential college applicants have to go through.

McCain's column garnered many shares and multiple articles covering her words, some reports, some opinion pieces. Regardless, McCain has made her stance on not sending her children to college clear.