100 Day Dream Home Has Been Described As 'Redemption' By Brian Kleinschmidt - Here's Why

You know Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, an HGTV golden couple who never fails to impress viewers and homeowners with their dream home creations in a super tight timeline. In the sunny state of Florida, the Kleinschmidts tackle from-scratch builds in just 100 days. Somehow, they even have time to include a surprise twist in every project that blows clients away. The design-builder duo could probably create a residential oasis with their eyes closed. But it hasn't always been that way.

Brian Kleinschmidt, the couple's developer and "muscle," has said he considers "100 Day Dream Home" his comeback. You may be quick to assume that the Kleinschmidts faced some kind of homebuilders scandal. However, it's not that he was known for creating unappealing monstrosities or cutting corners with his builds. Quite the opposite — even his company, Dirt 2 Design, successfully churned out spec homes long before HGTV presented the pair with a series. The kind of redemption Brian refers to is succeeding in doing what he loves.

What does Brian Kleinschmidt need to be redeemed for?

Brian Kleinschmidt had tried his hand at a few different ventures before gaining fame (and likely an increased net worth) from HGTV's television series "100 Day Dream Home." After graduating from the University of Florida Central in 2004, he first appeared on television screens in Season 15 of "The Amazing Race." He might also be familiar to TV viewers from his "Shark Tank" appearance in 2015, when he pitched a potty training device that ultimately didn't get picked up by the sharks. Seven years before that, though, the self-proclaimed "dad-trepreneuer" attempted to make a living by flipping homes. He purchased homes in desperate need of some TLC and renovated them for profit. But during the recession, Brian's business took a drastic turn for the worst.

He told UFC Alumni, "I lost nearly every penny I had flipping homes in Nashville back in 2008 when the housing market crashed, so I'm most excited about getting my redemption in the real estate world and rewriting that negative chapter of my life into a positive one." Of course, the redemption he refers to is "100 Day Dream Home," the HGTV series where he and his wife, Mika, churn out almost two dozen homes annually.

How did Brian Kleinschmidt rebuild his life?

Today, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are an unstoppable duo. The pair actually met in high school when they were both in chorus together, although they went their separate ways for 10 years following their meet-cute. When they reconnected, Mika worked in the fitness industry and was a real estate agent. As their romantic interest grew, a business partnership was also being built, which the couple says can still make for an interesting relationship. Together they started with one gym, Anytime Fitness, and eventually ended up owning three. Around 2015 they sold one of their locations and invested the money into flipping houses before partnering with builders in their area to start constructing new homes.

Brian has previously said that the idea for "100 Day Dream Home" was realized when after watching HGTV together, the couple noticed that there was little programming focusing on new construction rather than just buying and selling or renovation. "That way you're getting exactly what you want," he told realtor.com. "A lot of these renovated homes are hundreds of years old, they have a ton of problems. So we like starting from scratch with everything brand-new, and giving the customer exactly what they want."

With an estimated combined net worth of $1.5 million and national notoriety, we think it's safe to say Brian has made up for any past losses on his part (and then some). His work with HGTV is building him, his wife, and their daughter, Jade, a pretty bright future.