Dark Honey Hair Is The Perfect Shade If You Can't Decide Between Brunette And Blonde

Finding the perfect hair color for your skin tone, your mood, and your overall aesthetic can be challenging. Getting a vibrant rocker-ish red after a break-up might be your go-to, but when you finally find the one, will it feel a little too bold and daring? Hair color is a tool we use to express ourselves. Of course, you can't judge a person by their hair, but it does allow us to express ourselves uniquely.

One of the hair colors you'll be asking for in 2023 is dark honey. This color is the perfect combination of blonde and brunette. With many people having a base color of blonde or brunette already, this look can look totally natural on most people. Plus, it allows your indecisiveness to win because you don't have to pick one color over the other. This beautiful blend creates a subtle and warm look for those who choose it. 

Who can rock the dark honey color?

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can be intimidating. But, unlike many hair colors, the wonderful thing about dark honey is that practically everyone can rock it because of its natural warmth. Because of its cool roots when going from natural brunette to dark honey hair, it can be worn on both cool or warm skin tones. African-American people look fabulous with warm honey hair, as it softens their colors. From the queen Beyoncé to the gorgeous Gabrielle Union to fashionista Tyra Banks, there are so many dark-toned celebrities playing around with the dark honey look. 

Caucasian, Asian, and Latina celebrities have also worn the dark honey color successfully. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jamie Chung are just a few that have worn this look on the runway. Wearing a hair color with a honey tone can help you to actually look more youthful, as do strawberry, gold, and copper tones. 

How to get the perfect dark honey look

One of the biggest reasons dark honey hair is so popular right now is that so is hair health. Dark honey hair, since it's more natural and blurs the lines between brunette and blonde, is less of an upkeep for people who normally dye their hair more eccentric or bold colors, including bleach blonde and bright reds. In the summertime, keeping up with a dyed hair color is often challenging because of the dips in the pool or the ocean and the sun shining down on it daily. So, it only makes sense that this color is trending coming into the summer season.

If you have darker hair, a toning gloss will be the first step to getting that dark honey look. It will effectively add a cooler brown color to your dark hair by neutralizing the color without creating an even darker look. It will also help lift the roots of your hair. But, if you're more blonde than brown, you'll need a dye rather than a toner to get that dark honey color. Of course, as with all hair colors, minimal washing, protective serum in the pool, ocean, or sun, and heat protection are all necessary to keep this color intact with fewer salon visits.