Kate Middleton's Reaction To A Baby's Interruption Proves She's A Chill Mom

Well aware her oldest child will one day take the throne, Catherine, Princess of Wales, has a responsibility other mothers don't have to worry about. Yet, Kate Middleton's unique parenting style blends royal propriety with modern relatability. Though she makes sure her three children mind their manners at all times, she's also an involved mom who encourages an active lifestyle and leaves plenty of time for fun. She and William, Prince of Wales, take advantage of school holidays to pare back their official schedule so they can spend quality time together as a family. 

Like her royal in-laws, Kate supports and promotes the causes she believes in most passionately. Aptly enough, her particular interest is in early childhood development, and she works to ensure the well-being of young children throughout Great Britain. She established the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021, and in 2023, she launched the "Shaping Us" public awareness campaign (per People). Her foundation is currently working on a project that may help further understanding of how babies experience happiness, and it involves the health professionals in the Riversley Park Children's Health Centre. 

On June 15, Kate visited the center to talk with staff and the mothers they serve. A young attendee, apparently unfamiliar with the proper way to behave around a royal family member, made his presence known in a very noticeable way. It didn't faze the princess at all, who immediately went into mom mode.

Even royal moms know that babies will be babies

As seen in a YouTube clip shared by The Telegraph, the Princess of Wales was chatting with a group of moms at the Riversley Park Children's Centre when young Raphael Pickering, all of 10 weeks old, let out a very audible burp. The mothers all burst into laughter — including Kate, who turned to the boy and said, "Well done, you!" She went on to compliment Raphael's mother, Brogan Goodwin, on her successful burping technique. "It's always reassuring, isn't it?" she said. "You spend ages trying to make that happen." Unimpressed, Raphael simply watched as the women chuckled at his timing.

Interviewed afterward, Goodwin admitted she was worried about how Kate would react. "I thought he was going to be sick," she commented (via the Daily Mail). "I thought, 'Please don't vomit on the princess,' but luckily it was only a burp." Another little attendee, Talia Saliba-Kerr, was more impressed. Sitting next to the princess, the nine-month-old reached for her hand and held it for the entire discussion. Kate was absolutely charmed, as was Talia's mother, Mischa Kerr. "It's great that she came down, as it's important that everyone learns what resources are available and the incredible work the health visitors are doing," Kerr said.

Raphael and Talia won't remember the special encounter — or Raphael's breach of protocol — but their mothers certainly will. Goodwin says she plans to tell her son about the incident when he's older.