What Happened To Love & Pebble After Shark Tank?

Entrepreneur Lynda Truong and pharmacist Paul Tran put the L and P in Love & Pebble. Penguins actually inspired the name. Tran shared on "Shark Tank" that penguins present their love with a pebble, and if it's accepted, the two become lifelong mates. Their skincare business is Tran's pebble to Truong. As sweet as the creators are, Love & Pebble is a clean skincare brand you need to try because of its unique products.

The husband and wife duo started the company from Truong's frozen banana skincare hack. She'd massage the iced fruit on her face, and from there, their idea for beauty pops was born. It's a fusion of cryotherapy and face masks said to decrease puffiness while tightening and brightening the skin. The candy-like skincare product was an instant hit on social media. It went viral on TikTok with videos of Truong's mom's before and after using the product. However, the Sharks weren't impressed by the views. They wanted a business that was fit for an investor, and none of them were biting.

Love & Pebble left the tank brokenhearted

The Love & Pebble owners came into the tank willing to give up 10% of their business for a $150,000 investment. With almost a million dollars in sales garnered in less than a year, the Sharks would be getting a good deal. Paul Tran and Lynda Truong's product, Beauty Pop, was right on trend. Clean-girl beauty was viral on TikTok, and so was their product.

The freezable mask popsicles are made from all-natural ingredients: bananas, aloe vera, papaya, and turmeric. You can even eat it, although Mark Cuban didn't enjoy the flavor — though that's why it is sold in the cosmetic aisle and not the produce section.

Despite the product being a hit on TikTok, it wasn't so popular in the tank. One by one, the Sharks went out. Tran and Troung left the "Shark Tank" carpet hand in hand, ending with a teary confessional. "I ​​keep working and keep working and I know one day we're gonna succeed," Tran said. "We've already started seeing [it] this year and you know we've seen this growth and we're just going to keep going." And it's a good thing they did.

Success after Shark Tank

Love & Pebble's "Shark Tank" episode aired right before Black Friday, and the company received more orders than they could handle. Their warehouse was backed up, and it was impossible for them to fulfill the shipments. That fumble cost them $50,000, but Paul Tran and Lynda Truong never gave up.

Truong admitted in an Instagram post, "There were lots of stress, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights." But the couple's persistence paid off. A month after getting rejected by every Shark, Love & Pebble landed a deal with the Home Shopping Network (HSN). The skincare brand is now a seven-figure company.

Love & Pebble has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Beauty Independent, Today, Buzzfeed, Beauty Insider, Life & Style, Bella Magazine, and many other publications. Even with the millions they rake in, the company is staying true to its original mission. Love & Pebble products have no synthetic fragrances or dyes, and are cruelty-free with sustainable packaging. They also partner with Project Beauty Share to help secure and distribute health and beauty items to those in need. So it's a product you can feel good buying and using. The Sharks missed out on this one!