The Cobra Haircut: How To Get The Look

Hair is one of the most important facets of beauty, and that's a fact that can never be overemphasized. The surest way to make sure you look your best is by choosing a hairstyle for your face shape and length. With so many cuts to choose from, you have to be extra careful and picky, because while your hair will grow back eventually, it's going to take its sweet time getting there.

The newest hairstyle on the street is the cobra haircut and already this trend is making waves — literally. The layered locks that make up this style can be likened to waves crashing down on the beach. One of the reasons why this style is growing in popularity is because with the way it's cut. It can be tailored to frame just about any type of face. So, if you're thinking about switching up your hair, this is a great place to start.

The cobra cut falls in multiple layers that coil around each other

Despite the name, the cobra hairstyle doesn't involve venom and won't have you channeling Medusa. However, when executed properly, it could transform you into a femme fatale just like the Greek figure. The propagator of the cobra cut, New York hairstylist and salon owner Nunzio Saviano, explained to PopSugar in detail how the style works. "The cobra cut is long hair with layers starting about two inches below the chin and [extend] all around the head."

The style is made up of long layers that taper down as you go. Nunzio confirms that the layers involved in the cobra haircut are customized based on the head shape of the client. It's perfect if you want something thinner but don't fully want to let go of your hair's volume. After the layers are cut, Saviano recommends going in on the style with a curling iron. "[Wrap] those larger sections of hair around the barrel, alternating the direction for an entwined effect, winded together for a look similar to a snake," he shared.

The cobra cut requires your hair to be at least two inches below your collarbone

The cobra hairstyle encapsulates the wispy girl-next-door look while giving off edgy all at once. The downside? This style may catch your eye, but you have to have at least two to three inches of hair below your collarbone to make it work. This means the short-haired girlies will have to sit this one out. However, if you have no problems using extensions, then you can still recreate the cobra cut look without too much fuss.

Once you successfully achieve the cobra hairstyle, you can also decide to mix up the color a bit by adding dye to it. This will accentuate the curves of the style and add some character to your layers. You can even go ombré or add highlights as long as you choose the perfect hair color for your skin tone.