Leave Destroyed Denim In The Closet And Reach For A More Tailored Option

Destroyed, distressed, ripped — whatever you want to call it, distressed denim has rightfully earned its place in the club of popular jeans. Long associated with grungy style, ripped jeans have been a staple of many closets in the 2010s and 2020s. Throughout the past few years, the style has never left, only evolved. Alongside ripped jeans is distressed denim in general. We're talking acid wash, excessive rips, stonewash, two-tone styles, and much more. Denim has been put through the wringer later, tying in heavily with the utility-inspired "dystopian fashion" trend

However, if you listen to what those in the fashion know are saying, it may be time for the reign of destroyed denim to come to an end. "I've been searching for a great pair of tapered jeans. They're so polished, and if you're a fan of straight-leg jeans, they're a great alternative to those. On the flip side, I'm very much over ripped jeans for the time being or maybe forever," Ally Payer, senior editor at Who What Wear shared.

Before you start throwing out all of your distressed denim in favor of tapered jeans, here's everything you need to know about tailored, tapered jeans.

The style could be your new jean obsession

If you're not sure what tapered jeans are, they are essentially jeans that taper in at the ankle for a more streamlined look, hence the name. Tapered jeans don't necessarily have a tight fit, and in fact, most feature a loose and relaxed fit at the top and thighs that gradually becomes narrower before pulling in at the bottom. Some tapered jeans look as though they have a barrel or bow-leg effect because of this narrowing, making them ideal for showing off your footwear.

Tapered jeans look especially good with any type of boots, but especially combat or chunky boots. However, tapered jeans would also look great with sandals during warmer weather and show off all the detail on your shoes, making them a versatile purchase. The only shoe they won't look good with is cowboy boots or knee-high boots, as the tapered end won't tuck in well and will create an awkward silhouette.

You can get high, mid, or low-rise styles, though most are high or mid-rise due to the way they taper at the bottom.

These tapered jeans are perfect for trying out the trend

Want to try the tapered jeans trend for yourself? Here are a few of our favorites.

These dark blue stone jeans from Ganni have the perfect darker denim wash. They will cinch your waist due to their flattering high rise but won't feel too tight because of the more relaxed cut around the thighs and hips. As they are slightly longer than regular tapered jeans and will cover most of your shoe, we recommend wearing this pair with ballet flats or loafers for a chic downtime look. 

If you don't like tight jeans, these black-washed jeans from Madewell are designed for a more relaxed fit throughout while still tapering at the ankle. As the tapered leg is still loose, these jeans would look best with sneakers for an overall casual vibe. Last but certainly not least, these classic tapered jeans from & Other Stories are available in a light or mid-blue wash. Ideal for the environmentally conscious due to their organic and recycled cotton blend, they are mid-rise and hit just above the ankle.