The Best Ways To Style The Right Pair Of Ripped Jeans

If you love a good pair of jeans, you're not alone. In fact, the average person living in the U.S. owns a total of seven pairs of jeans in their closet — and to add to that, 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the country a year (via Revuze). Globally, jeans are just as popular, with the worldwide market for denim booming at $87.4 billion a year (via Statista) and more and more people turning to jeans when they just don't know what to wear. 

Consider yourself a denim lover? Chances are, you probably already have a good amount of jeans in your own closet (maybe even seven if we're going by statistics). The wardrobe staple is ubiquitous for a reason, and is the very item of clothing few of us could ever live without. Still, denim trends come and go, as we can see with skinny jeans — while tons of us still love them, Gen Z have famously begun to call them "cheugy" and relate them to millennial culture. Denim jackets are also now seen as cheugy (say it ain't so!), but straight leg, wide leg, and bell bottom jeans are as trendy as ever.

One denim trend we'll never fully get over? Perfectly-distressed, slightly-disheveled, always-relaxed ripped jeans. This denim staple is our go-to for pretty much any occasion, adding "I just woke up like this" appeal to every outfit. On that note, we've compiled the perfect way to pull of ripped jeans no matter where you're headed. 

Styling ripped jeans for work is easier than you think

Okay, so there's an occasion for everything, right? For example, you're probably not craving an ice cream on a chilly as can be, frosty winter day, but a summer heat wave suddenly makes those snow cones, Drumsticks and Chipwich selections from your local ice cream truck look amazing. Similarly, you might believe ripped jeans are only fitting for the most casual moments, like going to breakfast with friends on a Sunday morning after a few too many cocktails the night before, or going to the supermarket for your weekly shopping list. If that's you, think again: ripped jeans are actually fitting for more dressy occasions, even including work.

If you're wondering how you could make your ripped jeans for work, you've come to the right place. One always perfect option that will never, ever fail you? According to Your Next Shoes, topping a ripped jeans look with a blazer is one of the best, foolproof ways to make sure you always look professional — and cool to boot.

For one, you can try tossing on a pair of wide leg ripped jeans with pointy boots or stilettos, keeping up top casual yet refined by pairing the look with a simple t-shirt and a black blazer. Alternatively, try going for a pair of ripped jeans in black or gray to make them dressier, pairing them with a stark white top and a dark blazer for extra elegance. Cute accessories are always a plus!

Ripped jeans are the perfect staple for painting the town red

Now, just as much as you might have previously been unconvinced about donning ripped jeans for Monday through Friday at the office, you may also have a few qualms about wearing the casual staple for a night out with your gal pals. Ripped jeans' super relaxed nature makes many of us seem them as the trusty pair we toss on when waking up on a Sunday morning — not the ones we wear to go to a five-star restaurant to treat ourselves after a long week (and even less for clubbing!). Still, ripped jeans prove time and time again that they work for any occasion, even nights out.

As detailed by Chic Pursuit, wearing ripped jeans for nights out on the town is a cinch if you have one very important piece in your closet: the crop top. While you may or may not be a fan of crop tops, there's no denying they look absolutely fantastic with a slouchy, relaxed pair of distressed denim. Create an extremely classy look by opting for cream-colored ripped jeans, pairing them with a cut-out black crop top, sandal heels, and a fun rainbow-hued bag. Your night just got that much funner!

Another alternative? Sticking to blue jeans and going for a colorful, graphic-print crop top instead. Extra points for puff sleeves! When in doubt, this kind of denim also pairs well with sky-high heels and an oversized button-up shirt in an exciting, bright shade. 

Ripped jeans are perfect for easy weekend looks

Okay, so on to the more expected situations you might want to wear ripped jeans for, but don't get us wrong — these looks are anything but boring. Still, the occasion is much more akin to what you would expect from your favorite pair of distressed jeans: the easy weekend hang. Ripped jeans pair perfectly with a Saturday stroll through the streets of your city, drinking a matcha latte in one hand as you snap a cute picture of your dog with the other (a formula for the best day you've had in a while, we don't make the rules). Ripped jeans equal weekend relaxation in our eyes, but there are still tons of ways to make the typical ripped jeans look pop much more — and get you tons of compliments from strangers (you've been warned).

One kind of ripped jeans style that is singlehandedly the best for wearing on chill weekend outings? Wide-leg, baggy jeans with just the right amount of subtle rips (via Who What Wear). Perfection. This kind of style is even better if high waisted, that way you can more easily pair them with all your favorite crop tops and tees.

For a weekend look, sneakers are almost always the way to go. Pair your ripped jeans with your favorite pair, plus a fun belt, a crop top, and a vest for boho chic. Alternatively, an oversized button-up works wonders, just like a black crop top with heels for fancier brunches. 

The best ways to wear ripped jeans for running errands

You can definitely also wear ripped jeans for even the most mundane of day to day tasks, automatically making them much more fun to get ready for. The true beauty of ripped jeans lies in how versatile they are, always making for absolutely perfect outfits — no matter if you're headed out for cosmopolitans with the girls for happy hour after the longest day of work, going for Sunday brunch (always, always get the chicken and waffles), or, just running errands on a weekday.

While running errands might not sound like the most exciting of occasions, at least a cute outfit can make going to pick up your laundry, go to a doctor's appointment, or go pick up the kids from school just a bit more cool. It's no secret that ripped jeans have a "je ne sais quoi" factor that gives every get-up a certain 90s grunge, supermodel vibe — and we're definitely into it!

As per iFashionGuy, ripped mom jeans look amazing with sweatshirts, especially in a bright, graphic print and paired with the coolest of sneakers and sunglasses. A unique bag doesn't hurt, either! When in doubt, a long sleeve crop top in a tie dye print will be your best friend, especially with a cute woven tote to take with you to the farmer's market. Simply pairing your distressed jeans with a crop tee shirt (via Chic Pursuit), sneaks, and a crossbody will also do the trick!