Mascara Colors That Make Grey Eyes Pop

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Grey eyes hold a mesmerizing appeal and are strong contenders for the title of the most beautiful eyes in the world. Their charm is amplified by their rarity and the countless swoon-worthy Harlequin heroes with irresistible grey shades. Grey eyes come in various shades, but most have subtle blue or green undertones, enhancing their allure.

When accentuating these captivating eyes, the right mascara choice can make all the difference. Mascara can add depth and intensity, making your grey eyes stand out even more. The beauty of this eye color lies in its remarkable versatility. Being a neutral color, grey provides many options to suit various looks and palettes.

Deeper colors can strike a contrast that emphasizes the unique hue of your eyes, while warmer tones can complement the cool undertones of grey, enhancing the overall allure. Here are some of the best mascara colors that can make grey eyes pop.

Purple will make your eyes pop

Shades of purple can be particularly flattering for grey eyes. Lavender, in particular, can create a contrast that can make your eyes stand out. The cool undertones of grey eyes complement the rich, warm tones of purple, creating a beautiful harmony. Some other purple shades for grey eyes are plum, violet, or even deep eggplant.

These colors will enhance the natural grey tones in your eyes and bring out their uniqueness. Experiment with shades of purple to find the one that suits you best, whether you prefer a subtle touch or a more dramatic effect. Navy blue is another purple lookalike that can make grey eyes pop. This deep, rich shade enhances the coolness of grey eyes and adds depth and intensity to your gaze.

Navy blue can create a contrast against the lighter greys of your eyes so they appear more vibrant and captivating. Looking for your perfect purple shade? L'Oréal's Volume Building Mascara is under $10 and comes in violet and cobalt blue. If you're going for a navy blue or plum color, we love Mavala's Volume Mascara for under $25.

Classic black with enhance your greys

Black mascara creates a classic and timeless look while accentuating the lashes and defining the eyes. It enhances the contrast between the lashes and the whites of the eyes, adding a striking effect to your greys. Black hues are perfect for a wide range of looks, depending on your application. For an intense effect, choose a volumizing black mascara with a thicker formula.

Maybelline's Lash Sensational Volumizing Mascara is a great option and comes in five shades, including "blackest black." However, if you prefer a softer and more natural look, apply a single coat of Covergirl's $9 Lash Blast in "very black." There's also an inky black version, the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise, which was one of our favorite mascaras in The 2022 List Beauty Awards.

Thanks to its subtle versatility, black goes with almost every eyeshadow without taking the spotlight away. It can provide a striking contrast and enhance warm undertones. Similarly, for individuals with cool undertones, the dark pigment of black mascara can frame and highlight their grey eyes beautifully.

Brown will bring warmth to your cool eyes

Brown mascara is a simple choice that enhances grey eyes without overpowering them. It adds warmth and definition to your lashes, giving them a soft and natural appearance. Brown is also a popular choice for a natural and subtle look. It is an excellent alternative to black mascara, especially for those with fairer complexions or lighter hair colors.

For the best results, go for brown shades with warm undertones like chestnut, chocolate, or mahogany. These colors bring out the warmth in grey eyes and create a nice balance. Brown mascara subtly thickens and lifts your lashes without detracting from your eye color. It's great for lengthening your brows or even adding a natural curl. L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Curved Brush Mascara comes in a rich brown shade and is one of the best mascaras for curling lashes.

Looking for stunning brown shades? Check out NYX Professional Makeup Mascaras, available in chocolate, brunette, and espresso. Another option is Maybelline's Lash Sensational Sky High, which offers lovely shades of brown and blackish-brown. Remember to pair brown mascara with neutral eyeshadows that complement your eyes and eyeliner for a cohesive look.

Green is the perfect daring choice

Life's too short to stick to everyday colors! Green mascara is a unique choice that makes grey eyes pop. Green can contrast sharply against grey eyes and bring out their natural glow. Shades like emerald, moss, or olive green can add a touch of color and eye-catching vibrancy to your look.

When using green mascara, it's essential to consider your skin tone and undertones to ensure a complementary look. Generally, warmer skin tones tend to pair well with olive and moss-green shades, while cooler skin tones can rock emerald and jewel-toned green.

Pair a green shade with neutral eyeshadows to allow the mascara color to take center stage. If you don't want a full-on green look, apply shades of green to the tips of your lashes or layer it over black. Luckily, you've got a lot of gorgeous green options. GL-Turelifes has a lovely emerald shade for $10, and Maydear carries an eye-catching moss shade for the same price.

Choose charcoal for a subtle, sophisticated look

Charcoal mascaras may seem similar to black but offer a slightly softer and more muted effect. Charcoal is a dark gray shade that can complement grey eyes beautifully. It provides depth and definition to your lashes without the intensity of black mascara. This color can enhance the cool undertones of grey eyes and create a subtle but bold look.

Charcoal mascara also pairs well with various eyeshadow colors, allowing you to experiment with different looks. It can complement neutral tones for a subtle and sophisticated look or be paired with bolder shades to create a smoky eye effect. Charcoal is a more subtle choice for those with lighter hair colors or fair complexions who may find black mascara too harsh for their overall appearance.

It's a great choice if you prefer to make your eyes pop with a natural feel to it. To add a bit of flair, go for charcoal mascaras with a metallic or shimmery finish. The subtle glimmer can catch the light and bring a luminous quality to your lashes. Searching for the perfect shade? Beauty Junkees has a cool charcoal shade for $14.